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The Kengan Association vs. Purgatory Tournament is a series of matches between two major players in the Japanese underground martial arts industry: the Kengan Association and Purgatory. It's held to determine which organization will absorb the other in their upcoming merger.[1]

The tournament was originally intended to be a series of 13 matches to be held in a year's time.[1] Toyoda Idemitsu proposed extending it to 50 matches, to be held in a month's time,[2] but Nogi Hideki eventually negotiated it back to 13 matches, to be held in six months.[3] For unknown reasons, on the Kengan Association's request, the tournament was postponed a further month.[4]


The contest follows Purgatory's rules:

  • Knock Down: If a gladiator fails to get back up before the count of 10 of the referee, they lose.
  • Ring Out: If any part of a gladiator's body ends up outside the ring, the gladiator will lose the match.
  • No Kill: If a gladiator causes his opponent to die, he will be disqualified.

Up until the ninth match, the tournament has one additional rule: there is no set order for the matches. One side sends their fighter into the ring for each match, with the other team sending their fighter in response. The team that picks first is supposed to swap every three matches. After a deal was struck between Chairman Nogi Hideki and Toyoda, this rule was eliminated.

Another rule of the tournament forbids the gladiator to hit a downed opponent while the referee is counting.

Special Rules

Some matches have an additional rule, only valid for those matches.

  • Time: This rule was introduced in the fourth match. A spotlight, which becomes part of the match, will shrink its boundaries as time goes on. The fighter needs to push their opponent out the bounds within five minutes from the match's start to win. If the time's up and there's no clear winner, the match will be a no contest. The Knock-Down rule is not in effect for this match, and both teams were supposed to send their fighters simultaneously.

Tournament Rosters

Merger Tournament Team Rosters
Kaolan Wongsawat The Falcon
Wakatsuki Takeshi Yumigahama Hikaru
Okubo Naoya Nicolas Le Banner
Kanoh Agito Lu Tian
Misasa Liu Dongcheng
Akoya Seishu Fei Wangfang
Gaoh Ryuki Carlos Medel
Tokuno'o Tokumichi Arashiyama Jurota
Lihito Toa Mudo
Hayami Masaki Alan Wu
Tokita Ohma Rolón Donaire
Kure Raian Naidan Mönkhbat
Julius Reinhold Terashi


Kengan Association vs Purgatory
Kengan Association
Kaolan Wongsawat
"The Thai God of War"
Carlos Medel
"El Dorado"
Carlos Medel wins by Ring Out
Kengan Association 0 - 1 Purgatory
"The Superman"
The Falcon
"The Roving Death"
The Falcon wins by Submission
Kengan Association 0 - 2 Purgatory
Julius Reinhold
"The Monster"
Toa Mudo
"The Beast of Destruction"
Julius Reinhold wins by Knockout
Kengan Association 1 - 2 Purgatory
"The Eighth Fang of Metsudo"
Yumigahama Hikaru
"The Traitor Fang"
Misasa wins by Knockout
Kengan Association 2 - 2 Purgatory
Gaoh Ryuki
"The Dragon King"
Naidan Mönkhbat
"The Hawk of Ordos"
Gaoh Ryuki loses by Disqualification
Kengan Association 2 - 3 Purgatory
Kanoh Agito
"The Fifth Fang of Metsudo"
Lu Tian
"Three Demon Fists: Centipede"
Kanoh Agito wins by Knockout
Kengan Association 3 - 3 Purgatory
Kure Raian
"The Devil"
Alan Wu
"The King of Slaughter"
Kure Raian loses by Disqualification
Kengan Association 3 - 4 Purgatory
Hayami Masaki
"The Killing Throw"
Arashiyama Jurota
"The Gentle King"
Hayami Masaki wins by Knockout
Kengan Association 4 - 4 Purgatory
Akoya Seishu
"The Executioner"
Nicolas Le Banner
"The Grim Reaper of Paris"
No Contest
Kengan Association 4 - 4 Purgatory
Tokuno'o Tokumichi
Liu Dongcheng
"Three Demons Fists: Serpent"
Liu Dongcheng wins by Ring Out
Kengan Association 4 - 5 Purgatory
Okubo Naoya
"The King of Combat"
"The Silent Nightmare"
Okubo Naoya wins by Submission
Kengan Association 5 - 5 Purgatory
Wakatsuki Takeshi
"The Wild Tiger"
Fei Wangfang
"Three Demon Fists: Toad"
Kengan Association 5 - 5 Purgatory
Tokita Ohma
"The Asura"
Rolón Donaire
"The Monster of Manila"
Tokita Ohma wins by Knockout
Kengan Association 6 - 5 Purgatory


External Incidents

Around the tournaments, many parties had secret plans.

  • Worm infiltrators like Naidan Mönkhbat and Lu Tian revealed their allegiance. Acording to Edward, this was to make the worm's existence public and move into the "phase two".
    • After the tournament, The Worm started to enact terrorist attacks around the world, further revealing themselves.
  • The Other Niko made his student Fei Wangfang to make use of his Niko Style and defeat one of the top figthers of the Kengan Association, presumably knowing that he would use Divine Devil and gather the data he needed to evolve the Niko Style.
  • Kiryu Setsuna had a talk with Gaoh Ryuki and convinced him to join his cause, what have've been doing afterwards remains unknown.
  • Wu Xing joined the Kure Clan to take down Edward Wu, both knowing he was going to be in the tournament. Wu Xing also deployed Narushima Joji and Kureishi Mitsuyo to take down Xia Ji and Mikazuchi Rei and Hatsumi Sen to take down Xia Ji's assistance.
    • Meanwhile both teams emerged victorious, Edward's defeat costed Kure Erioh's life and meanwhile Joji and Mitsuyo beated Xia Ji to a pulp, the latter managed to escape.
  • Hayami Katsumasa attempted another coup of the Kengan Association, but was killed by his son Hayami Masaki before anything could come of it.
  • The true goal of the tournament itself was a secret to the public and even for many members of the respective organizations.
    • Later, after Purgatory's defeat, turned out that Nogi Hideki had his own plans to make a new deal with Toyoda Idemitsu instead of absorbing Purgatory. As usual, no one else was aware of Nogi's true intentions.



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