Kengan Association vs Purgatory

The Kengan Association vs Purgatory Tournament is an upcoming series of matches between two major players in the Japanese underground martial arts industry: the Kengan Association and Purgatory. It is being held to determine which organisation will absorb the other in their upcoming merger.[1]

The tournament was originally intended to be a series of 13 matches to be held in a year's time.[1] Toyoda Idemitsu proposed extending it to 50 matches, to be held in a month's time,[2] but Nogi Hideki eventually negotiated it back to 13 matches, to be held in six months.[3] For unknown reasons, on the Kengan Association's request, the tournament was postponed a further month.[4]


The contest is held according to Purgatory rules:

  • Knock Down: If a gladiator fails to get back up before the count of 10 of the referee they lose.
  • Ring Out: If any part of a gladiator's body ends up outside the ring the gladiator will lose the match.
  • No Kill: If a gladiator causes his opponent to die he will be disqualified and his fight money will be confiscated.

Also for this tournament only a new rule was added: there is no set order for the matches and for each match a team sends one fighter into the ring and the other team send an opponent in response. The team that picks first his contestant is swapped every three matches.

Tournament Rosters

Merger Tournament Team Rosters
Gaolang Wongsawat Falcon
Wakatsuki Takeshi Yumigahama Hikaru
Okubo Naoya Nicolas Le Banner
Kanoh Agito Lu Tian
Misasa Unnamed external fighter
Akoya Seishu Liu Dongcheng
Gaoh Ryuki Fei Wangfang
Tokuno'o Tokumichi Carlos Medel
Rihito Arashiyama Jurota
Hayami Masaki Toa Mudo
Tokita Ohma Alan Wu
Kure Raian Lolong Donaire
Julius Reinhold

Round 1

Kengan Association vs Purgatory
Kengan Association
Gaolang Wongsawat Carlos MedelTBD



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