Kengan Ashura
Title ケンガンアシュラ
Author SANDROVICH Yabako (story) & Daromeon (art)
Original Run April 18, 2012 – August 23, 2018
Publisher Ura Sunday (Shogakukan)
Volumes 27 Volumes (236 Chapters)
Genre Martial Arts / Action / Shōnen / Comedy / Drama

Kengan Ashura (ケンガンアシュラ, Kengan Asura) was a Japanese manga series written by Sandrovich Yabako and illustrated by Daromeon. It is followed by the sequel Kengan Omega.


Since the Edo periods of Japan, gladiator arenas exist in certain areas. In these arenas, wealthy business owners and merchants hire gladiators to fight in unarmed combat where winner takes all. Tokita Ohma, nicknamed "Ashura", joins these arenas and devastates his opponents. His spectacular ability to crush his enemies catches the attention of the big business owners, including the Nogi Group CEO, Nogi Hideki.

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The anime adaptation for Kengan Ashura is planned to air in summer 2019 and will be produced by LARX Entertainment (a subsidiary of Studio Hibari).



Kengan Ashura | Trailer | TV Anime PV-0 2019

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