Katahara Sayaka (片原 鞘香, Katahara Sayaka; "Sayaka Katahara") is the daughter of Katahara Metsudo, half-sister of Katahara Retsudo, and announcer for the Kengan Annihilation Tournament. In the two years since the tournament, Sayaka has become a Kengan Association official, playing an integral role in the Kengan Association administration.[3]


Sayaka is an extremely beautiful young woman with smooth tanned skin, she has straight platinum hair partially plaited on the left side. She has a voluptuous hourglass figure, accentuated by the progressively more revealing outfits she wears throughout the series, from a low-cut, high-slitted dark evening gown during the first round, to a skirted corset with high boots during the second round, and a shoulderless, midriff-baring, pencil-skirted leather dress during the final day.


Sayaka is an enthusiastic and bubbly individual. She is very broadminded, a trait which she gets from her father, even agreeing to go to a bar with other fighters, such as when Himuro asks her,[1] and has the incredible skill of being able to get along with anyone, even fighters like Saw Paing or Himuro.[2] Later, she befriends Jerry Tyson and the two become the main MCs of the tournament, despite Jerry just jumping in and commenting from the first match. Sayaka also has somewhat of an exhibitionist streak, wearing clothes or dresses that reveal her skin and happily taking baths with others regardless of their gender.


Kengan Ashura

Being introduced as Katahara Metsudo's daughter and the MC for the tournament, Sayaka commentated for the fights. During the first fight between Adam Dudley and Imai Cosmo, she was joined by Jerry Tyson who would co-commentate alongside her for the rest of the tournament.

Kengan Omega

Sayaka joined Kure Fusui and Akiyama in the Yamashita Trading Co. office as they discussed what to do regarding the upcoming contest between the Kengan Association and Purgatory. When Koga came in, she was introduced along with Fusui before they explained to him about the Purgatory situation.

She was later present during the Kengan Association VS Purgatory Tournament as one of the commentators, once again alongside Jerry Tyson.

Notes & Trivia

  • Sayaka tends to spend her breaks with her younger brother Retsudo.[2]
  • Sandrovich has likened her characteristics as being like a female version of Himuro Ryo.[2]


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