Katahara Retsudo
Katahara Retsudo
Kanji: 片原 烈堂 (かたはら れつどう)
Romaji: Katahara Retsudō
Status: Alive
Age: 21[1]
Birthday: June 9th[1]
Height: 181cm[1]
Weight: 75kg[1]
Gender: Male
Affiliations: Dainippon Bank
Relatives: Katahara Metsudo (father)
Katahara Sayaka (half-sister)
Ashura Debut: Chapter 39
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Katahara Retsudo (片原 烈堂, Katahara Retsudō; "Retsudo Katahara") is the son of Katahara Metsudo, half-brother of Katahara Sayaka, and captain of the Extermination Force.


Retsudo is a good-looking young man with condescending look in his eyes, neatly styled red hair that falls over the right side of his face and is tied into a single distinct braided plait, thin dark eyebrows, a lack of facial hair and a distinguishing tattoo of Hebrew script that runs down the left side of his face, running over his left eye. Like the Bodyguards that serve his father, Retsudo is always seen wearing a smart formal black suit leaving the top buttons of his white shirt undone.


Retsudo is a man who is fully confident in his own abilities as well as the abilities of his peers and colleagues. To this end, he can come across as seeming very arrogant and condescending.

He is incredibly protective of his half-sister Sayaka, and disapproves of her revealing outfits and her naiveté with men. This leads his teammates on the Extermination Force to speculate that he has a sister complex; he does indeed have a severe sister complex.[1][2][3]


Power & Abilities

While the full extent of his strength is unknown, he is said to boast incredible power, being able to easily out-do a Bodyguard captain. He was able to effortlessly subdue the Black Messengers with the rest of his squad without breaking a sweat. Even one of the Black Messengers thought that the Extermination Force is even human anymore.[4]

Notes & Trivia

  • He plays the bass.[1]
  • The tattoo on Retsudo's face is a Hebrew phrase automatic-translated from "to wish upon the fist", a rough translation of the word "Kengan".[1]


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