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"What's wrong with the 'weak' seeking to be the 'strong'!!??"
— Suekichi to Kaolan Wongsawat[6]

Kaneda Suekichi ( (かね) () (すえ) (きち) , Kaneda Suekichi; "Suekichi Kaneda"), also known as The Giant Killer ( (おう) (もの) () い, Ōmono Kui; lit. "Big Thing Eater"), is an affiliated fighter within the Kengan matches. He represented Ginokuniya Bookstore during the Kengan Annihilation Tournament after stealing the affiliated fighter's spot from Himuro Ryo.


Suekichi is a goofy unassuming-looking man with straight black hair that is set in a middle parting and falls either side of his head, thin eyes that are seemingly perpetually closed and a smiling, satisfied expression that rarely leaves his face. Suekichi appears to wear traditional Japanese garments. His facial appearance has barely changed since he was a child.[7]


Suekichi has a soft, polite demeanour that hides his fiercely cunning and calculating side. From an early age, he has had a colossal thirst for strength due to his relatively weak physical constitution.


From birth Suekichi was a frail sickly child who was constantly plagued by illnesses, almost dying twice. By the time he started school, he'd had surgery four times.[3]

Prior to entering the Kengan Annihilation Tournament, Suekichi's master (who taught him the Kujin Style) attempted to dissuade him from entering as it was no place for average people.[8]


Kengan Ashura

After being invited to the Kengan Annihilation Tournament on a whim, since meeting and going for a drink with Ohya Ken, Suekichi initially spent his time on the S.S. Kengan challenging and playing others at shogi. He defeated Ohkubo Naoya and Yamashita Kazuo multiple times but, upon hearing the rules that Katahara Metsudo had issued, Suekichi left and politely asked if Himuro Ryo would forfeit his place and give it to him. With Ryo refusing, the two began fighting and, despite Himuro initially having the upper hand, Suekichi defeated him and took his position, breaking the man's arm in the process.

Prior to the tournament's start, Suekichi interacted with the badly injured Himuro, with the latter uplifting his spirits with his fighting words. On the first day of the tournament, Suekichi and Himuro quickly became friendly with Lihito and Ohkubo, the four of them soon being referred to as "The Four Stooges". Soon, representing Ginokuniya Bookstore, Suekichi stepped into the arena to fought Kaolan Wongsawat in the first round. Despite putting up a fairly good fight, he ended up being defeated by the superior fighter, not without earning Kaolan's respect.

After the fight, Suekichi watched the first part of second round with the other Four Stooges before chilling with Kaolan for the rest. After Kaolan's tremendous fight with Kanoh Agito, he and Suekichi talked about Agito's actions after the latter had attained victory. A short while after the second round had concluded, Suekichi and Kaolan ran into Adam Dudley and Imai Cosmo. They soon encountered Hayami Katsumasa's Guardians who were enacting Hayami's "revolution". He then helped take the Guardians down.

During the final day, Suekichi watched the events of the final rounds of the tournament unfold alongside the other fighters who had been knocked out of the tournament.

Kengan Omega

Suekichi and Ryo went to watch Gaoh Ryuki's debut Kengan match against Utsubuki Kokuro. After Ryuki attained victory, the two are later contacted by Yamashita to help tutor the two. A few days later, Suekichi and Ryo soon brought both Ryuki and Narushima Koga for said tutoring, with Himuro taking Ryuki away and Suekichi taking Koga to his new training ground: an SJPW gym. Meeting up with Sekibayashi Jun, they all ate before Suekichi left them to it.

A few weeks later, Suekichi went to pick up Lihito from Onarita Airport.

A month prior to the Kengan Association VS Purgatory Tournament he defeated Noel Wagnus in a Kengan match, but ended up with two broken ribs in the process, leaving him unable to enter the competition himself.

Days after, he and the rest of the four stooges found out Tokita Ohma was alive. Then they all celebrated with other fighters Ohma knew. 

During the second round of the competition, Suekichi and Ryo joined Koga and Kaede in the stands of Mt. Godslayer

Power & Abilities

Despite appearing to have little to no experience in martial arts, Suekichi has shown himself to be a capable combatant by utilizing the Kujin Style and his foresight to his advantage. Physically, Suekichi is completely average: in school, he was a terrible athlete, always coming last in strength tests and marathon runs[9] and, while training himself, it took three years for him to be able to bench 80kg.[8] Despite this, Suekichi has proven to be resilient enough to continue fighting without issue. He has taken several direct blows to the face, had his ribs cracked, struck in the chest so hard he vomited[10] and after took harrowing blows from a fighter of Kaolan Wongsawat's level,[9][6] yet still held his ground from receiving such damage. Still, even with his incredible mental fortitude, Suekichi's relative physical frailty is a severe limiting factor, and he would not be competitive as a fighter without his Foresight.


Foresight ( (さき) () み, Sakiyomi) is Suekichi's ability to use his superhuman analytical prowess to study his opponent's movements in real-time. Suekichi can gradually begin to predict his opponent's moves with sublime accuracy to the point where he is then able to exploit them using this knowledge.[11][9][6] Suekichi was also able to correctly identify that Himuro was a Jeet Kune Do practitioner, having initially believed him to be a southpaw, after noticing Himuro's centre of gravity.[12] When he fought Kaolan, his strategy caused him to view the match as a "shogi composition".[13] However, the drawback to his Foresight is that it takes time for him to begin to understand and predict his opponent; he must withstand blows or barely dodge blows to begin to understand and predict, making his fighting style unfit for the Kengan Annihilation Tournament, since there are too many heavy hitters within the Tournament. Other than fighting, Suekichi can also achieve expert-levels in anything he can analyze: when he was in high school, three of his school's experts in boxing, soccer and baseball lost to him.[9]

Kujin Style

The Kujin Style ( () (じん) (りゅう) , Kujin-ryū) is a classical Japanese martial art that derives its roots from battlefield combat and "kaisha kenjutsu" as its focus. [11] As such, its hand-to-hand techniques assume that both combatants are wearing armor. The style places a heavy emphasis on taking down the opponent and finishing them off and quickly as possible; this is achieved by throwing the armored opponent off-balance using trips and throws and delivering the killing blow with a weapon. As a result, blows are only used in an extremely limited range of situations.[13] While it is not typically suited towards unarmed combat, Suekichi's predictive abilities make its techniques effective.

Crescent Scythe

Crescent Scythe ( () (げん) () ぎ, Kagen Nagi) is the Kujin Style variant of a drop sweep meant to trip and/or unbalance the opponent by sweeping away their standing leg(s).[9]

Falling Bucket

Falling Bucket ( (つる) () () とし, Tsurube Otoshi) is where the user slips through his opponent's attack and grabs the back of their head in one hand and their chin in the other before violently driving their head into the ground using the hand grabbing the opponent's chin. Suekichi used this technique to devastating effect to end his fight with Himuro Ryo.[11]

Lever Throw

Lever Throw ( () () (はず) し, Teko Hazushi) is a grab to the opponent's punching arm, then turns into a wristlock (holding their wrist with one hand and their fist in another), and follows up with a throw o the ground.[9]

Overturning Heaven and Earth

Overturning Heaven and Earth ( (てん) () (かえ) し, Tenchikaeshi) is performed by grabbing the opponent's punching arm into a wristlock (holding their wrist with both hands), it utilizes the opponent's punching momentum to pull on their arm and throw them overhead before smashing them on to the floor.[9]

Stance of Yin-Yang Intersection

The Stance of Yin-Yang Intersection ( (おん) (よう) () () (かまえ) , Onyō Kōsa Kamae) is a stance that presumably is used to utilize other Kujin Style techniques to their fullest extent.[6]

Notes & Trivia

  • During his high school years, Suekichi entered the national shogi championships and won in the individual matches division.[14]
  • Suekichi plays percussion instruments at karaoke.[15]
  • As a skilled shogi player, Suekichi's favourite piece is the Knight.[1]
  • Suekichi is remarkably skilled in every kind of board game, with mahjong being his best skilled.[1]
  • There is a running gag that Kushida Rin and Kaneda Suekichi are confused as either siblings or the same person due to their strikingly similar appearance, though they have denied such. Only few have attempted to point it out.[16][17]
  • Suekichi is the 3rd most popular character in the series with 23,711 votes in the official popularity poll.
  • Suekichi makes a cameo appearance in Sandrovich Yabako's other series Danberu Nan-Kiro Moteru?. He is shown defeating Hibiki in a Shogi tournament.[18]
  • Suekichi's theme in the anime is Cyber Moon by Rie a.k.a. Suzaku.
  • Coincidentally, Suekichi is neighbors with Liu Dongcheng.


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