Kaburagi Koji
DP - Kaburagi Koji
Kanji: 蕪木浩二
Romaji: Kaburagi Kōji
Epithet: "Medicine Man"
Status: Alive
Age: 45[1][2]
Birthday: September 13th[2]
Height: 170cm[2]
Weight: 92kg[2]
Gender: Male
Affiliations: Koyama Mart, Inc.
Kengan Wins: 9
Kengan Losses: 8
Ashura Debut: Chapter 7
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Kaburagi Koji (蕪木浩二, Kaburagi Kōji; "Koji Kaburagi"), also known as the "Medicine Man", is an affiliated Kengan fighter that represents Koyama Mart, Inc. Whenever he fights, his primary outcome is to eliminate potentially dangerous fighters, thus Kaburagi is known as the "fighter who hunts fighters".[1]


Kaburagi is a heavy-set overweight man with equally chunky facial features and a shaved light-coloured hair with a squared-off widow's peak. He typically dresses like a shady person.


Kaburagi understands the limits of his own powers and thus finds immense gratification in bringing down superior fighters using his underhanded tactics. He finds pride in his ability to conceal debilitating substances and 'weapons' from the unsuspecting eyes of the referee and audience, boldly sticking to his "path of perversion". However, Kaburagi is a coward who will cry uncle when his plans do not come to fruition.


Power & Abilities

Kaburagi's poison-laced fist

Kaburagi with his fist covered in a cocktail of poisons

Kaburagi is a moderately strong individual, being something of a mid-level fighter within the Kengan matches.[3] He is able to hit hard but lacks the typical speed and manoeuvrability of more overwhelming fighters like Tokita Ohma. Kaburagi is fat, so he has little stamina, after kidnapped the CEO who try to escape and put them on a bike, he was sweaty and claim that was very tired. Kaburagi can defeat a few low rank Guardian.However, Kaburagi's forte lies in his ability to "cheat".

Hidden Weapons Specialist: Despite never having been caught in the act, Kaburagi is known to use underhanded tactics and hidden weapons to incapacitate his opponents, earning him the moniker "fighter who hunts fighters". Against Tokita Ohma, he used a combination of using The Mosquito to distract Ohma's auditory capabilities and severly impairing Ohma's vision with his poison-laced hands.[4] However, Kaburagi's most fearsome hidden weapon is a small needle that he carefully conceals under the skin of his left wrist; using it, Kaburagi aims to stab his target's cervical vertebrae in order to instantly knock his opponent out.[4] Kaburagi is even willing to use his own teeth as makeshift projectiles.[5]Kaburagi is also very good in stealth: When Ajiro Fisheries lost and the CEO tries to escape, Kaburagi kidnapped him without anybody realizing, and when Nezu was defeated and Tochigi Disney Land's CEO Yumeno Kunihiro tries to escape, using Bishamon's fighter as protector, Kaburagi easily knocks them out with small steel marbles and kidnapped him.

Notes & Trivia

  • Prior to fighting Tokita Ohma, despite being considered an average Kengan fighter, every person that has fought Kaburagi had been left incapacitated afterwards regardless of whether they had won or lost.[3]
  • His favourite food is fermented soy beans.[2]


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