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"I've found you at last... Boy M."
— Jurota, upon confirming his suspicions on Hayami Masaki[1]

Jurota Arashiyama ( (あらし) (やま) (ぢゅう) (ろう) () , Arashiyama Jūrōta), also known as The Gentle King ( (ぢゅう) (おう) , Jū-ō)[1], is one of The Two Kings of Purgatory[1] and one of the thirteen representatives who fights in the Kengan Association VS Purgatory Tournament.


Jurota is a tall, muscular man with dark, messy hair and light facial hair. He wears a judogi with a black obi for his fights, with a dark haori on top and a pair of Geta for when he's not. He also possesses cauliflower ears, likely from his judo background.


Jurota is a stoic individual with an analytical mind. Always aware of his surroundings, Jurota won't even bother to defend himself if he knows that someone else would deal with it for him. Jurota is also rational enough to want to discover what was going on behind the scenes. Ironically, not even he is immune to Kazuo Yamashita's somewhat unwarranted reputation, believing him to be a mighty and dangerous man, contrary to the actual person.

Jurota also disapproves of unnecessary violence, such as his disgust at Raian for the murder of Alan Wu.

Like Carlos Medel, Jurota lamented that he was too strong for him to enjoy the fights he had. Because of his strength, the only one he believes that can give him a challenge is Masaki Meguro, who he recognizes as both a prodigy and an utter monster in judo. Because of this want for a great nemesis to fight, Meguro's existence is the only thing that can even crack Jurota's usual demeanor.

Being a master Judoka, Jurota is someone who continues sticking to his Judo while fighting, even though anything goes. While it gives him an undeniably disadvantage, Jurota has poured everything into Judo, without giving other marital arts so much as a look, that he reached the strength he now has.


Jurota first participated in the All-Japan Judo Championships at the age of sixteen. Becoming the champion, Jurota would win gold two more times the following two years after before he stopped participating in tournaments altogether. At nineteen years of age, despairing over his strength, Jurota found that he had little reason to fight. One day, Jurota watched a broadcast of a young Meguro Masaki conquering the National Youth Judo Championships. Recognizing Masaki's talent and strength, Jurota decided that he would make him his rival, choosing to enter the judo world once more to await the day the two could fight.

Though Jurota won the Judo World Championship's 100kg class division, his plans hit a roadblock with Masaki's disappearance after murdering three of his cohorts as well as his father, Hiroki. Undeterred by the boy's real power, Jurota disappeared from both public martial arts scene and the world altogether to further hone his technique.

Isolating himself from civilization, Jurota spent fifteen years perfecting his judo. On the fifteenth year, Jurota finally allowed himself to spar with others, eventually joining Purgatory. Against his first opponent, Mumon Yuzaki, Jurota defeated him effortlessly. Though satisfied his efforts bore fruit, Jurota's plans would derail once more with Masaki's death in his match against Muteba Gizenga five years later.[2].


During the first round of the Kengan Association VS Purgatory Tournament, Jurota commented on the match with Toa Mudo.[6]

After Naidan Mönkhbat's death and Dongcheng's sudden rampage, Jurota was one of the four gladiators who went up to the arena. Jurota in particular went to restrain Dongcheng. With Dongcheng convinced to back down, Jurota became the target of Raian's irreverent hostility, though he remained unfazed as Lu Tian defended him.[7]

After Lu Tian's loss against Agito Kanoh, Jurota and the other gladiators started suspecting each other's motives of why they're fighting in the tournament. Later, both teams met in the middle of the ring to discuss the recent events. After being informed about the Worm by Kazuo Yamashita, Jurota admitted that he heard rumors of the organization. Jurota would later mistake Agito, Misasa and Koga Narushima kneeling before Kazuo, with Jurota convinced that he is no ordinary man, with Lolong seemingly agreeing with him.[8] In the fatal aftermath of the seventh round, Jurota reacted in disgust at Raian Kure's brutality.[9]

After the round was given to Purgatory, Jurota stepped out as the gladiator for the eighth round, his opponent being his proclaimed rival's "younger brother", Masaki Hayami. Asking Masaki about his relationship with Meguro Masaki, Jurota believed that he had at last found "Boy M." [10] As the match started, Jurota countered Masaki's hold with a near-instantaneous throw to the ground. Using his unique style of throwing, the Swing, Jurota continued to throw Hayami repeatedly, countering him at every turn. However, Jurota noted that with each throw, Masaki remained undeterred, getting up faster and faster.

Eventually, Masaki managed to grab and trap Jurota in a triangle choke. Confident that the Masaki before him was in fact the Masaki he wished to face, Jurota readied himself to settle the match once and for all. Though Jurota countered and tanked Masaki's efforts in grappling and striking, his hesitation and inability to kill Masaki without incurring a penalty for Purgatory meant that Masaki held the advantage against him, with Masaki eventually finding an opening on the next throw to breaking Jurota's right clavicle, neutralizing his right arm. With his Swing and throwing ability compromised, Jurota soon lost his match against his nemesis, though remained content that he finally had the match he sought after.

Powers and Abilities

As one of the Two Kings of Purgatory, Jurota is an incredibly powerful judoka considered on par with Lolong Donaire; champion of Purgatory's Ultimate Gladiator Playoffs. In his prime, he won the All-Japan Judo Championships thricefold before he stopped, and also won the Judo World Championship's 100+kg division before his disappearance. From those fifteen years of polishing his judo to its peak, despite not sparring anyone within that time, Jurota's newfound skills allowed him to defeat A-list gladiator Mumon Yuzaki with little effort. As noted by Masaki, Jurota is stronger than his brother, though the latter remains the more terrifying opponent.

Kazuo considers Jurota to be on par with the strongest fighters of the Kengan Association, while Kuroki Gensai sees Jurota as someone on the same level as him. He possesses the sheer strength and technique needed to instantly throw a man as big as Masaki at remarkable speeds. He also possesses remarkable raw strength, being able to force himself out of a triangle choke with sheer strength alone.

However, his dedication to being a grappler and thrower means that Jurota will not use any striking techniques, even if they were to his benefit. While there are very few who can effectively counter Jurota in throwing, Hayami Masaki's durability and endurance can push through even the most deadly of his throws, and in combination with Purgatory's rules, Jurota can't throw Masaki with too much strength without the risk of killing him.


The Swing ( () り, Furi) is the result of Jurota's twenty years of mastering the judo throw. It is a style of throwing that eliminates the lag between grabbing and throwing an opponent. By pinching the opponent's clothes, hooking them with his fingers, or even using nothing but the friction on his fingers, as long as he has established a grip, Jurota can throw his opponents without needing to grab them fully. This elimination of the lag results in a throw so fast that even those with incredible kinetic vision, such as Kazuo and Koga, cannot recognize it at first glance. While the principle is the same as the Redirection Kata, Jurota's skill surpasses even Ohma Tokita's mastery. Agito acknowledged that he couldn't replicate the technique either.

Notes and Trivia

  • Jurota has several themes related to his judo background.
    • Jurota's surname ( (あらし) (やま) ) means "Stormy Mountain." It also uses the same kanji as the Yama arashi judo technique, with their placements switched around.
    • Jurota's epithet, The Gentle King, is also an allusion to judo, as judo ( (ぢゅう) (どう) ), literally means "Gentle Way."
  • In the original text, Jurota uses the archaic personal pronoun "kiden" (貴殿; lit. "Esteemed Lord"), a very formal pronoun which is meant to address government officials or military personnel.
  • According to Sandrovich, Jurota has a liking for sushi.[11]


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