"You fools are always talking about techniques and secret arts. But that is no more than the ravings of the weak. Those who are truly strong... need no techniques!!"
— Julius tossing Sawada Keizaburo aside[5]

Julius Reinhold (ユリウス・ラインホルト, Yuriusu Rainhoruto; "Julius Reinhold"), also known as The Monster (モンスター, Monsutā), is an affiliated fighter in the Kengan matches. He represented Toyo Electric Power Co. during the Kengan Annihilation Tournament. He became Iwami Heavy Industries's affiliated fighter during the Kengan Association VS Purgatory Tournament.


Julius is a monstrously muscular person, with an overwhelmingly well-defined, bulky frame with high vascularity. He is completely bald with many veins visible on his forehead, has a notable lack of eyebrows with visibly large eyebrow ridges, a generally 'muscular' face and his small eyes hold a piercing stare. He almost always has a stern, uncaring expression on his face.

Julius almost always wears only a pair of tight black shorts. The reason for this is because there aren't any clothes in his size. Even if clothes are custom-made for him, his muscles grow so quickly that they stop fitting, so he stopped wearing clothes altogether.[1]


Julius is a firm believer in the notion that brute power trumps everything, including skill. He also has no issue taking extreme measures as a precaution. Outside of matches, he is normally taciturn unless spoken to or challenged. When he does speak, he reveals himself to be quite forthright but articulate, prone to using one-word expressions.

After the Kengan Annihilation Tournament he strove to becoming stronger and surpassing the likes of Wakatsuki Takeshi, Kanoh Agito and Kuroki Gensai with sheer power alone. Though holding a grudge against Wakatsuki (who is the only person who ever defeated Julius), Julius was cordial with him and high fived him after his win in the Kengan Association VS Purgatory Tournament.


A man of German origin, Julius' history is left generally untold. What is known, however, is that he gained his strength from both extreme doses of steroids which would kill a normal man, and through extreme training and learning.

One week before the tournament, Julius underwent "conditioning" that consisted of resisting against the force of an F1 race car pulling in the opposite direction. Julius proved resistant and finished by snapping the chains, causing the driver of the race car to crash and die.[2]


Kengan Ashura

Julius stood by his employer as he sent out his assassins to retrieve as many fighters positions as possible.

In the first round of the Kengan Annihilation Tournament, he represented Toyo Electric Power Co. and was set to fight Sawada Keizaburo. However, Murder Music forfeited, gifting Julius the win. Very shortly after, Sawada called Julius out for the dirty tactics employed by Hayami Katsumasa. Saying he would take the three of them down, Sawada attacked and Meguro Masaki took him on first. With Meguro getting too riled up, Nikaido Ren prepared to calm him down while Julius stepped in to take care of Sawada. Taking Sawada's strongest attack, Julius ruthlessly subdued him when suddenly Yamashita Kazuo and Tokita Ohma appeared, with the former hitting Julius on the head with a can. Perceiving Yamashita to be a threat, Ren attempted to take him out, only to be left in shock when Yamashita seemingly dodged the attack. The three of them then left.

Julius fought Wakatsuki Takeshi in the second round. Their first strike at each other shook the entire arena but, despite Wakatsuki closely matching him, Julius had the advantage. With Julius shrugging off Wakatsuki's full-powered body strikes and returning blows of his own, Wakatsuki resorted to using Blast Core, causing Julius serious damage and forcing him to be more cautious. However, Julius noticed that Wakatsuki's Blast Core range was limited by his wounded ankle, and countered his next Blast Core with a bear hug. After bestowing a particularly savage chain of attacks upon Wakatsuki, including dragging Wakatsuki's face across the wall, tearing the skin off, Julius was misdirected into thinking Wakatsuki was about to use Blast Core, enabling Wakatsuki to knock him out with a vicious kick to the head.

During Hayami Katsumasa's attempted coup, having realized that his former employer had betrayed him, Julius furiously rampaged against the Guardians in the area.

On the final day, Julius watched the rest of the tournament unfold, alongside the rest of the eliminated fighters.

Kengan Omega

One month before the competition against Purgatory Julius was training in his private gym in Hamburg, Germany when Muteba Gizenga visited him to inform him about the competition.

Julius was the last representative chosen for the Kengan Association VS Purgatory Tournament. However, Nogi thought it was unexpected for him to fight for Togo Tomari and Iwami Heavy Industries. While on the plane to the competition, he was shown keeping an eye on Hayami Masaki.

Remaining silent during the first two rounds, he decided to enter the arena as the third man for the Kengan Association, facing Purgatory gladiator Toa Mudo. As the match started, Julius was pummeled by Toa, only to answer with a strong body blow. As he started rushing, Julius was overwhelmed by Toa's technique, Maungamanawa, then knocked down for the count.

Standing up at the count of eight, Julius rushed Toa one more time only to fail. However, Julius was able to counter and hurt Toa with his strength alone. With his extreme control over his muscles, Julius ultimately manages to defeat Toa, giving Team Kengan their first win. As he exited the ring, he reassured Ohma that Toa wasn't likely to be a member of the Worm. In a single instance of goodwill, he reciprocated Wakatsuki's high-five.

Power & Abilities

Julius has extremely developed muscles derived in part from special doping, having taken enough steroids to kill an average man.[6] His immense muscular structure grants him colossal physical strength, durability and destructive power, as shown when remained unmoved and even pulled against an F1 race car that was trying to yank him away as well as easily snapping the specially ordered chains wrapped around his body.[2] Julius is also deceptively fast, being able to sprint as fast a first-rate sprinter despite his size and weight exceeding 200kg.[6] Defensively, his guards can be compared to iron armour, which can even shatter rock,[6] and he was able to shrug off the full-powered punches of a man as strong as Wakatsuki Takeshi without suffering much damage. When he fought against Sawada Keizaburo, not only was he able to stop the man's full-powered kick with only his trapezius muscle, but he also broke Sawada's leg by merely clenching his hand and knocked him out by simply throwing him against the wall, with the force of the hit even shaking the building he was in as a result.[5] When his and Wakatsuki's fists clashed, it shook the entire Kengan Dome from the emitted shockwave.[6] He is one of two fighters who Kanoh Agito said "outclasses" Wakatsuki Takeshi (the other being Kure Raian).[6]

After the Kengan Annihilation Tournament Julius mastered muscle control to the degree that impressed the likes of Muteba and Wakatsuki. With this new skill, he was able to knock back Toa, who mounted him and later knock him down with only one blow, declaring his superiority towards techniques. Lolong Donaire from Purgatory also recognized that Julius Reinhold is a man who could beat both Agito and Wakatsuki, the two being considered the strongest Kengan fighters. Julius himself claimed that his newfound strength might even overcome the likes of Kuroki Gensai.

Despite almost exclusively using brute force while fighting, Julius is quite intelligent. To use his muscles as their full capacity, Julius studied sports physiology, sports medicine, psychology and even physics.[7] His combination of biological knowledge and physical strength makes him an extremely dangerous combatant.[7]

Gott-Töter Steinbohrer ( (かみ) (ごろ) しの (さく) (がん) () ; Kamigoroshi no Sakuganki; lit. Godkiller Rock Drills)

The culmination of his pursuit of true strength, Julius can control his muscles to the point that each fiber seems independent to each other. Julius can spin his forearm by flexing his muscles to their limits and release them all at once to defeat Toa Mudo's Maungamanawa and win his match. Its principles are similar to Wakatsuki's Blast Core, though Julius uses it differently.

Notes & Trivia

  • Julius is based on real-life strongman-turned-mixed martial artist Mariusz Pudzianowski.[1]
  • His favourite words are "huge" and "cut" but his least favourite words are things like "too much muscle is gross", "skinny-macho", "slender" etc.[1]
  • He has appeared in a Silverman Gym commercial with Machio Naruzo.[8]
  • In Kengan Omega his first line of dialogue happened in Chapter 71, 15 chapters after his debut
  • After breaking off from Toyo Eletric Power Co. Julius didn't enter any Kengan match before the Kengan Association VS Purgatory Tournament.
  • Julius' theme in the anime is Future by SIRENT SCREEM.
  • Julius has to regularly ingest protein shakes in order to keep his muscles strong.


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