Jose Kanzaki
Jose Kanzaki
Kanji: ホセ 神崎
Romaji: Hose Kanzaki
Epithet: "El Ninja"
Status: Alive
Age: 27[1]
Gender: Male
Affiliations: Super Japan Pro Wrestling
Omega Debut: Chapter 12
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Jose Kanzaki (ホセ 神崎, Hose Kanzaki; "José Kanzaki"), also known as "El Ninja" (エル・ニンジャ, Eru Ninja), is a Super Japan Pro Wrestler and an A-list gladiator of Purgatory.[1][2]


Jose is a large and very imposing individual, with a bulky muscular frame (like almost all SJP wrestlers), long straight black hair that he ties into a long ponytail and a thick long bang that falls over the right side of his face. While wrestling, he wears a skeletal lucha libre mask over his face. Unlike the majority of other pro wrestlers, Jose doesn't have cauliflower ears.


While in kayfabe as El Ninja, Jose is a very serious, somewhat arrogant and can be incredibly intimidating. Outside of kayfabe, Jose appears to be quite genial with great camaraderie and a sense of kinship. When Yumigahama sucker punched Koga, Jose flew into rage and was ready to fight then and there.[3]


Jose used to belong to a different pro wrestling promotion but transferred over to SJPW when that promotion went under.[1]

At points in his tenure as a Purgatory gladiator, he has defeated Nicolas Le Banner and in turn been defeated by Yumigahama Hikaru.[3]


Introduced to Koga by Sekibayashi, the latter told Koga that if he managed to last three minutes against Jose without taking a fall, he could leave their training. While Sekibayashi was explaining the rules, Jose said it would be unfair for Koga. Irritated Koga began relentlessly striking Jose, but couldn't make the wrestler flinch at all. With Jose then suddenly closing in on Koga, Sekibayashi stopped the test and humorously chided Jose for not keeping time. Being informed that Koga wanted to become an affiliated fighter in the Kengan matches, Jose then offered him to become a gladiator of Purgatory.

Power & Abilities

While the full scope of his abilities are unknown, Jose was able to completely tank all of the strikes that Narushima Koga could throw at him for a few minutes, without blocking any of them.[1] Even after Koga's assault, Jose looked no worse for wear. He was also capable of standing up from Gaoh Ryuki's Earth-Crouching Dragon.[4] He has also been shown to be highly acrobatic, able to perform a moonsault without Ryuki even noticing he had moved, and chain the flip into a double kick.[4]

Notes & Trivia

  • Jose is the son of a famous lucha libre luchador.[1]
  • His favourite food is a well-done steak and his ideal woman is Sakaguchi Mei.[1]



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