Ivan Karaev (イワン・カラエフ, Iwan Karaefu; "Ivan Karaev"), also known as both The Russian Machine Gun (ロシア の 速射砲 (そくしゃほう) , Roshia no Sokusha-hō[1]) and The Russian Reaper (ロシア の 死神 (しにがみ) , Roshia no Shinigami[2]), is a professional Russian kickboxer that made headlines in recent times and had participated in the K-1.


Ivan is a man with a lean build, fair hair, a thin face with deep cheekbones, barely any eyebrows and thin stubble on his chin.


Ivan is very confident in his own abilities, bordering on overconfidence. While generally maintaining a cool, focused demeanour, this crumbles when he is put in a pinch.


Arriving at Tokita Ohma's residence alongside Rihito, Ivan told his associate that he would take care of Ohma himself. Telling Ohma it was nothing personal, Ivan attacked but was soon put down by a groin attack. With Rihito impressed by Ohma's abilities, a grimacing Ivan complained that he'd take care of Ohma before Rihito put him out for good by slicing through his neck using his "Razor's Edge" ability.[3]

Sometime after this, while out drinking with Komada, Rihito came in and Ivan quickly reacted in rage, ready to take revenge upon him. Instead, he ends up working under Rihito at his new company SF Cold Storage, alongside Komada.[2]

During the Kengan Annihilation Tournament, he and Komada travelled to Ganryu Island as well. He and Komada were accosted by some of Hayami Katsumasa's Guardians during the latter's attempted coup, but were saved after Bando Yohei brutally killed them all after being released from his bindings.

Power & Abilities

The Reaper's Sickle

Ivan's Reaper's Sickle kick

Ivan is noted to be a strong kickboxer, especially in the public scene, with his high kicks standing out in particular. However, he was no match for Ohma nor Rihito.

The Reaper's Sickle (死神 (しにがみ) (かま) , Shinigami no Kama)

A roundhouse kick similar to karate, which uses a snap from the knee down. Because of Ivan's spring-like body, the speed and power of his kicks go off the charts which is how his high kicks got their name.[3]

Notes & Trivia

  • Despite being from Russia, Ivan's least favourite places are anywhere that is cold.[1]
  • Ivan is the uncle of Gina Boyd, a character who appears in Sandrovich's series Danberu Nan-Kiro Moteru?.[4] He appears in chapter 90 and interacts with the cast.[5] It is later revealed he has four other nieces, that are Gina's sisters.[6]



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