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The Inaba Clan (因幡 (いなば) (いち) (ぞく) , Inaba-ichizoku) is a renowned family of assassins.


Though little is known about the Inaba Clan, they are a clan renowned for their use of hair as weapons in unarmed combat. The heirs to the Inaba Clan begin strengthening their hair in childhood by lathering it with a special wonder drug, stronger than any modern hair growth formula. With years of training the hair can be freely manipulated.

The assassins from the Inaba Clan have served the Urita family for generations. Inaba Ryo has been knowing his employer Urita Sukizo ever since they were kids, though Sukizo sees Ryo more like a friend than an assassin.

Inaba Style

The Inaba Style (因幡 (いなば) (りゅう) Inaba-ryū) is a martial arts style created and utilised by the Inaba Clan. It includes numerous techniques involving usage of hair and unique footwork.


Edging (り, Nijiri) is an unorthodox shuffling style of footwork used by the Inaba Clan, using nothing but the propulsion from their toes. The movement speed is also deliberately kept out of sync to make it harder for opponents to predict their movements.[1]

Somersault Kick

Somersault Kick ( () () ち, Makiuchi), as the name implies, is a downward axe kick thrown after somersaulting forwards.[2]

Spider's Hair

Spider's Hair ( (くも) (がみ) Kumogami) is a special technique within the Inaba Clan that enables them to use their incredibly strong hair as a weapon. Because of how flexible his hair is, he can use it akin to a whip with the phrase, "It wraps like a steel wire, and strikes like a whip", aptly fitting its usage.[3]

Notable Members

Other Members

Inaba Jozaemon
DP - Inaba Jozaemon.png

Inaba Jozaemon (因幡 丈左衛門, Inaba Jōzaemon; "Jozaemon Inaba"), also known as The Black Nightmare (黒い悪夢, Kuroi Akumu), is an assassin who hails from the Inaba Clan, as well as Inaba Ryo's grandfather.

He seems to be well acquainted with Kure Erioh and Mikazuchi Byo. Jozaemon used to serve Urita Sukizo's grandfather.

Kanji: 因幡 丈左衛門 (いなば じょうざえもん)
Romaji: Inaba Jōzaemon
Epithet(s): The Black Nightmare (黒い悪夢, Kuroi Akumu)
Status: Alive
Gender: Male
Affiliations: Inaba Clan
Relatives: Unnamed son (Deceased)
Inaba Kyo (Unknown relation)
Inaba Ryo (Grandson)
Ashura Debut: Chapter 180
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Inaba Kyo
DP - Inaba Kyo (Seeker).jpg

Inaba Kyo (因幡 狂, Inaba Kyō; "Kyo Inaba"), also known as Yasha Hair (夜叉髪, Yasha Kami), is an assassin who hails from the Inaba Clan but was exiled for unknown reasons.

Kyo was hired by the Gato Group to take out Manji Sukekiyo, but was effortlessly defeated.

Kanji: 因幡 狂 (いなば きょう)
Romaji: Inaba Kyō
Epithet(s): Yasha Hair (夜叉髪, Yasha Kami)
Status: Alive
Gender: Male
Affiliations: Inaba Clan (formerly)
Gato Group
Occupation: Assassin
Relatives: Inaba Jozaemon (Unknown relation)
Inaba Ryo (Unknown relation)
Seeker Debut: Chapter 113
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