The Inaba Clan (因幡一族, Inaba-ichizoku) is a renowned family of assassins.


Though little is known about the Inaba Clan, they are a clan renowned for their use of hair as weapons in unarmed combat. The heirs to the Inaba Clan begin strengthening their hair in childhood by lathering it with a special wonder drug, stronger than any modern hair growth formula. With years of training the hair can be freely manipulated.

Inaba Style

The Inaba Style (因幡流, Inaba-ryū) is a martial arts style created and utilised by the Inaba Clan. It includes numerous techniques involving usage of hair and unique footwork.


  • Edging (躙り, Nijiri): A special form of movement used by the Inaba Clan involving the user propelling themselves using nothing but their toes. The user also keeps their movement speed out of sync to make it harder for opponents to predict their movements.[1]
  • Somersault Kick (巻き打ち, Maki-uchi): A downward axe kick thrown after somersaulting forwards.[2]
  • Spider's Hair (蜘蛛髪, Kumogami): A special technique within the Inaba Clan that enables them to use their incredibly strong hair as a weapon. Because of how flexible his hair is, he can use it akin to a whip with the phrase, "It wraps like a steel wire, and strikes like a whip", aptly fitting its usage.[3]

Known Members

DP - Inaba Jozaemon
Inaba Jozaemon
DP - Inaba Kyo (Seeker)
Inaba Kyo

Notes & Trivia

  • The assassins from the Inaba Clan have served the Urita family for generations. As a matter of fact, Inaba Ryo has been knowing his employer Urita Sukizo ever since they were kids. Sukizo sees Ryo more like a friend than an assassin at his mercè.
  • As stated by Kure Erioh, the Inaba Clan is a rival of the Kure Clan and the Mikazuchi Clan in the assassination business.



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