Hong Xiao-Hu
Hong Xiao-Hu
Status: Alive
Gender: Male
Affiliations: Iwami Heavy Industries
Kengan Wins: 35
Kengan Losses: 2
Ashura Debut: Extra Chapter: Heroines
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Hong Xiao-Hu was the former affiliated fighter of Iwami Heavy Industries.


Xiao-Hu is a muscular man with a very well defined physique. He has a ball of black hair that covers his head and ears with a long queue that falls below his back. While fighting, Xiao-Hu wears an attire consisting of only black Chinese-style martial artist's pants with black martial arts shoes.


Xiao-Hu appears to be a very confident man, especially due to his unique ability. However, when faced with certain defeat or a situation he deems embarrassing, he quickly loses his composure.


Lined up to face Mikazuchi Rei in a Kengan match, Xiao-Hu initially matched his opponent until he was forced to reveal his trump card. Being quickly taken down anyway, the referee called his defeat but Xiao-Hu refused and tried to resume fighting. Just then, Kurayoshi Rino walked into the fighting area and put him down for good by switching off his unique skill, rendering him completely incapacitated.

Power & Abilities

Xiao-Hu is a powerful combatant with one of his main strengths being his physical attacking speed. Prior to fighting Mikazuchi Rei, his only loss was in his 12th Kengan match against the Fang of Metsudo; however, he was one of the few people that had fought the Fang and come out without being incapacitated.[1]

Jiyi Quan: Xiao-Hu is a practitioner of Jiyi Quan, being a very proficient user. He is able to use the style's secret art which allows the user to control the secretion of opioids in their brain; Xiao-Hu uses this unique skill to completely negate his sense of pain.[1] With his sense of pain nullified, Xiao-Hu enters a berserker-like state where he attacks without regard to his overall health. This allows Xiao-Hu to move seemingly unimpeded even with injuries as severe as broken thigh bones and shattered knees.


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