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Status: Alive
Age: 28[1]
Birthday: June 27th[1]
Height: 150cm[1]
Weight: 43kg[1]
Gender: Female
Affiliations: Wakasa Life Insurance
Ashura Debut: Chapter 39
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Hiyama Shunka is the CEO of Wakasa Life Insurance and a member of the Kengan Association.


Hiyama is a petite young woman with large dark eyes, black hair set in a neat bob hairstyle with neatly cut bangs that fall just over her eyes, small full lips with dark lipstick applied to them and a moderately sized bosom.


Hiyama is an extremely precise woman who tracks her life to the second. However, she seems to have a crippling dislike of solitude[1] as seen when she lost her normally calm composure after Akoya Seishu criticised her for her performance in his match.[2] She is completely tied to Akoya Seishu, in a manner far beyond Stockholm syndrome, and views him as her saviour, despite his actions of enforcing justice going beyond reason.


Hiyama was appointed as the CEO of Wakasa Life Insurance six years ago, after the death of her father that same year. Because she lacked work experience, she received assistance from her cousin, who was the vice-president, and he soon became irreplaceable to her. However, only a year later, he attempted to murder Hiyama in an attempt to take control of the company himself. However, her cousin was killed by Akoya Seishu before he could kill her. From this point onwards, Hiyama viewed Akoya as her saviour and aided him in his single-minded pursuit of "justice".[3]


She was first seen in her bed, with Akoya Seishu asking her how long it was till they would arrive at the island. Replying with inhuman accuracy, and adding that it was strange for Akoya to act so excited, he replied that it was because soon he would get to enact his justice.

During their first day on Ganryu Island, after spotting someone flailing in the see, Hiyama told Akoya to save them, soon finding out it was none other than Yoshitake Yoshiro.

In the first round of the Kengan Annihilation Tournament, she aided Akoya in his fight against Kono Haruo after analysing him, giving Akoya the advantage. However, after Haruo's sudden change in respiration rate, Hiyama was forced to re-analyse him, putting Akoya on the back foot. Telling Hiyama her time was up, Akoya did things his own way, brutally knocking Haruo out with a powerful kick to the face. After the fight, Akoya slapped her in the face and told her that her hesitations had impeded him and that he would be fighting alone in the next round. Pleading for Akoya not to leave her, he merely wiped the blood from her face and warned her to not let it happen again.

Power & Abilities

Hiyama has a perfectly precise internal clock that allows her to mentally analyse and calculate numerical problems with superhuman capabilities.[4] For example, she is able to calculate a fighter's respiratory pattern by analysing it with her internal clock.[5]

Notes & Trivia

  • Hiyama has a hobby of collecting kimonos.[1]



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