Himuro Ryo
Himuro Ryo2
Kanji: 氷室 涼
Romaji: Himuro Ryō
Epithet: "The Icy Emperor"
Status: Alive
Age: 25 (Kengan Ashura)[1]
27(Kengan Omega)
Birthday: March 17th[1]
Height: 181cm[1]
Weight: 82kg[1]
Gender: Male
Affiliations: Ginokuniya Bookstore
Kengan Wins: 21
Kengan Losses: 0
Ashura Debut: Chapter 23
Omega Debut: Chapter 8
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Himuro Ryo (氷室 涼, Himuro Ryō; "Ryo Himuro"), also known as "The Icy Emperor", was the affiliated fighter for Ginokuniya Bookstore in the Kengan Annihilation Tournament before his position was stolen by Kaneda Suekichi.


Himuro is a dark-skinned young man with a bob of white hair that is styled with a light middle parting and white eyebrows. He has a lean frame with a defined musculature. As a bartender, Himuro is always a well-dressed man.

Himuro spends most of the tournament with his arm in a cast and sling after being defeated by Kaneda.


Himuro is a notorious womanizer, and takes every opportunity to get girls' phone numbers and set up mixers with them, whether they are secretaries, ring girls, or even Katahara Sayaka. In combat, he is confident in his own strength. He gets quite annoyed and flustered when people he perceives to be weak refuse to back down as shown when he was fighting Kaneda Suekichi. However, he is a good sport after losing, accepting that Kaneda must be stronger than him and becoming fast friends with him.


Born and raised within the Inside, Himuro grew up with no parents and did whatever it took to survive. Eventually he got disillusioned with the way he was living and left the Inside around the age of 15 (or so he believes—he isn't quite sure of his age at the time). After leaving, he got the name "Himuro Ryo" illegally registered.[2]


Himuro Ryo was first seen working as a bartender in one of the bars Ohya Ken frequented and was introduced to Yamashita Kazuo as Ginokuniya Bookstore's affiliated fighter.

Later, having boarded the S.S. Kengan, Himuro sought out Tokita Ohma and asked him about the Inside but got a negative response. After Chairman Katahara's words to the passengers, Himuro was left shocked when Kaneda Suekichi asked him to forfeit his position as the affiliated fighter for Ginokuniya Bookstore. Even though Himuro refused, Kaneda continued to ask for the position and the two soon began fighting. Despite initially overwhelming Kaneda, Himuro ended up losing the fight and his position as representative, getting his arm broken in the process.

At some point before the tournament began, Himuro was visited by Kaneda and he uplifted the latter's spirits with his fighting words.

On the day of the Kengan Annihilation Tournament, Himuro observed all of the fights as they unfolded, taking particular interest in Kaneda's fight with Gaolang Wongsawat.

Power & Abilities

Himuro Ryo is a master practitioner of Jeet Kune Do and, with his strength and skill, Himuro had won 4 Kengan matches without a single loss; prior to the main Kengan Annihilation Tournament, he was considered to be one of the strongest affiliated fighters in the Kengan matches.[3] With the style of Jeet Kune Do, Himuro has an initial vertical fist speed of 15 m/s, enabling him to launch rapid powerful strikes; by economising motion through simultaneous parrying and punching, Himuro is able to make his opponents experience his fists moving several times faster than they are.[3] Since Jeet Kune Do doesn't have any form, Himuro can fight dirty using moves such as eye pokes and striking the ribs.[3] Despite this, he was defeated by Kaneda, due to severely underestimating the man.[2][3]

Himuro can also use weapons very well: when fighting the Guardians, since his arm was still broken, Himuro had to use a nunchaku to defend himself.[4] He noted that because he used to live in a lawless place, he had to learn how to use weapons just to survive.[4]

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