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"Don't tell me you forgot. The term 'Martial Arts Savant' was made for me."
— Yumigahama to Misasa[5]

Hikaru Yumigahama ( (ゆみ) () (はま) ヒカル, Yumigahama Hikaru), also known as The Traitor Fang (裏切 (うらぎ) りの (きば) ; Uragiri no Kiba), is an A-list gladiator in Purgatory and a former Fang of Metsudo, the sixth to hold the title.[6][7] Hikaru is one of the thirteen representatives who fight in the Kengan Association VS Purgatory Tournament.


Hikaru is a large, imposing man with characteristics that make him look much older than he really is. He possesses a very muscular frame, accented by his typical attire, a simple dark, long-sleeved shirt with matching slacks. He also has a head of shocked, shaggy black hair, mild sideburns, and a sharp, angular jawline that ends with a long chin. His typical facial expression is a distinct, toothy grin complemented by his thick, hairless brows.


Hikaru is an arrogant and highly self-centered individual, continually putting himself up to a higher standard than those around him. Often addressing them as his "stepping stones," and in particular, identifies the Kengan Association and everything and everyone related to it as such. To that extent, he betrayed the Association that recruited him in favor of Purgatory for apparently no other reason than the fact that the latter organization promised "better conditions," even though by that point, he became the Sixth Fang of Metsudo.

Due to his ego, Hikaru is not above getting provoked, quickly lashing out against those he deems to be inferior to him. One such example is him sucker-punching Koga Narushima in the liver when the latter dismissed him while trying to talk Jose Kanzaki out of getting into an argument with him. Another was when Misasa goaded him into fighting him after mocking him. The exception to this is Lolong Donaire, who even dared Hikaru to say something against him, with Hikaru reluctantly holding his tongue.

He also has no qualms with murder, having killed a fellow bodyguard as he left Metsudo's employ—a fact that he callously brushes off when Misasa brought it up. After his humiliating defeat against Misasa, Hikaru showed to be quite a sore loser as he screamed in both rage and pain while swearing to kill his hated enemy and demanded the 8th Fang of Metsudo to not turn his back on him.


After Agito Kanoh resigned as the Fang after the Kengan Annihilation Tournament, Katahara Metsudo selected then-rookie Bodyguard Hikaru to become the sixth Fang, with Hikaru proving to be as fearsome as his immediate predecessor. However, Hikaru turned out to be a traitor, soon transferring to Purgatory, having used to the title of "Fang of Metsudo" to be able to enter Purgatory under "better conditions". Only Takayama Minoru and Omori Masamichi suspected him. Hikaru claimed to have outsmarted them in the end as he made his transfer to Purgatory.[6][5]

While escaping from Metsudo, Hikaru also murdered a Bodyguard called Yasunaga, who used to work for Misasa when he was the captain of the Fifth Squad, causing Misasa to develop a personal grudge against the "Traitor Fang".[8]

At some point while competing in Purgatory fights, he once defeated Jose Kanzaki.[9]


During one of Purgatory's fight nights with fellow gladiators Nicolas Le Banner and Lu Tian, Hikaru encountered Kazuo Yamashita and his present company. He wondered aloud why he was present considering his position within the Kengan Association. Inciting Jose, the two have a spat until Hikaru sucker-punched Koga in the liver, causing Jose to fly into a rage. However, before the conflict could escalate, Toyoda Idemitsu intervened and told off Hikaru for treating a friend of his so callously. At that, he and the other two gladiators left.

Sometime after that confrontation, he and Jose had their rematch, with Hikaru beating him so severely that Jose was left unconscious and in a critical condition. However, Jose managed to break his right arm during the fight.

On the day of the competition, he wanted to fight first against Kaolan Wongsawat to avoid giving either Agito or Misasa, the current Fang of Metsudo, the satisfaction of facing him. However, Carlos Medel gave him a bloody nose for his brutality with his friend Jose, taking Hikaru's place to meet Kaolan himself.

Later, at the beginning of the fourth match, Hikaru was baited by Misasa's provocations into the ring, entering as the fourth fighter for Purgatory for a special tournament match. At the beginning of the fight, he quickly pushed Misasa to the edge, despite him moving behind Hikaru. Then Hikaru got ready to show Misasa why the term "Martial Arts Savant" was created for him. He kept attacking Misasa with his spear-like blows being able to pummel him again up until Misasa decided to get serious and retaliate, pissing Hikaru off. Misasa's silat proved to be enough to handle the Traitor Fang's attacks. He also recalled that the Bodyguard that he killed also used to have worked for Misasa. He then switched to the Sakimori Style, ready to end the fight, once it for all. Despite his efforts, Hikaru saw all his moves parried and countered by his opponent, and in the end, he was ultimately defeated by the Eighth Fang.

Power & Abilities

Hikaru was noted by Ryo Himuro to be as powerful as the Agito Kanoh.[6] Having bested someone of Jose Kanzaki's level twice,[9] and leaving the pro wrestler in a critical condition the second time,[10] Jun Sekibayashi reckons that Hikaru is in the top class of Purgatory's gladiators.[10] However, while being an elite fighter, Hikaru's 9-5 record in the A-list Divison, clearly shows that he is not at all an irreplaceable fighter of Purgatory. It could also be possible from Hikaru's losses that there are at least five other fighters in Purgatory who are stronger or better at exploiting the rules than him, which proves that he is nowhere near the top of Purgatory's A-list gladiators.[11]. Hikaru's physical strength and mental strength are not equal, so he is said to be the weakest of all the Fangs of Metsudo.[1]

Hikaru's main weapon seems to be his brute strength, as he effortlessly pushed Misasa to the edge of the ring with only a few palm strikes. Despite his heavy build, he is also deceptively fast and agile, capable of maneuvering around smaller and faster opponents like Misasa and keeping up with rapid-fire attacks up to a point. Describing himself as a "Martial Arts Savant," Hikaru can turn into a "human weapon." A similar instance of this would be Asaemon Yamada, who participated in the first-ever Kengan match and whose blows were able to crush rocks.[12] As a matter of fact, Hikaru can implement armed combat techniques while fighting bare-handed, giving the impression that he's fighting wielding weapons. Suekichi Kaneda, while commenting Hikaru's prowess in martial arts and his ability to copy different styles, identified him as a "collector".

Hikaru possesses incredible superhuman durability, showing a sadistic smile despite having his dominant right arm broken during his one-sided victory over Jose. When Misasa defeated him, he's still spry enough to be fully conscious even after the Eighth Fang brutally mangled his head and neck. According to the Purgatory medics, the Traitor Fang was still able to give the medics trouble with holding him down.

His hands—most notably his fingers—appear to be quite strong, as they are capable of cutting flesh with mere glancing blows. However, they are not as powerful as Lihito's Razor's Edge.

Kamijo Style Spearmanship

As its name suggests, Kamijo Style Spearmanship ( (かみ) (じょう) (りゅう) (そう) (じゅつ) , Kamijō-ryū Sōjutsu) is where Hikaru assumes a stance with one leg and hand forward to the side, as if he was holding a long, invisible spear. With this same principle, this style focuses on fast and aggressive charging attacks, with his forward-facing hand closed into a fist with his thumb joint sticking out, giving it the impression of the spear's "tip."


Skewer ( (でん) (がく) () し, Dengakuzashi) is a technique of the Kamijo Style Spearmanship where Hikaru is capable of redirecting his forward "spear hand" to catch his opponent off guard with gouging finger strikes that appear to retain its initial velocity.

Kokuki Dual Sword Style

The Kokuki Dual Sword Style ( (こく) () () () (りゅう) , Kokuki Nitōryū) is where Hikaru initially lowers his stance, raising his arms at a perpendicular angle, giving off the impression that he is wielding a shortsword on each of his hands. This style uses fast sweeping strikes with both arms. Hikaru appears to prefer to initiate attacks using this style by going for a downward pincer-like attack against his opponent's shins.

Sakimori Style: Quickdraw Technique

The Sakimori Style: Quickdraw Technique ( (さき) (もり) (りゅう) () (あい) (じゅつ) , Sakimori-Ryū: Iaijutsu) is an iaido martial art involving rapid, sudden blows. Hikaru plants himself close to the ground with one arm beside his waist, and the other extended forward as if he was wielding a katana with its scabbard. With this stance, Hikaru uses wider and heavier sweeping strikes with his outstretched arm, capable of cutting flesh with even the merest graze of the attack. Lolong Donaire vaguely implies that this is one of Hikaru's more powerful techniques, stating that the first strike is to finish opponents.

Hama Style Kenpo

Hama Style Kenpo ( () () (りゅう) (けん) (ぽう) , Hama-Ryū Kenpō) is long-ranged, kick-based style of kenpo. So far, this is the only technique in which Hikaru uses kicks.


  • Hikaru likes to test blades on people. Due to being older than he looks, he also really hates the sentence "Wait, you're younger than me?"[1]
  • Hikaru was created with the concept of not having a strong character with the usual stoic personality, since a strong body and a strong mind and not necessarily linked. Initially he was supposed to sport a blonde bob-cut, making him look like an "evil Cosmo".[1]
  • Daromeon has stated that Hikaru is the most difficult character to illustrate.
  • According to Sandrovich, Metsudo hired Hikaru because of his potential and ambition. Hikaru continued to train until he transferred to Purgatory, where he became arrogant and stopped his training.
  • Hikaru may have been based off of MMA fighter Fabrício Werdum, who is known to have a crazed smile which he calls his "happy face".


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