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The Heavenly Wolves (天狼衆, Tenrōshū) are an order of Chinese martial artists who perform the Heavenly Wolf Fist (天狼拳, Tenrōken). They have been known to fight as mercenaries and conduct acts of terrorism.


The Heavenly Wolves took part in the Sino-Japanese War, suddenly appearing on the battlefield to aid the Japanese side in overwhelming the Chinese army.[1] They are currently based in Taiwan.

During the most recent Kengan Annihilation Tournament, the Heavenly Wolves were hired by Toyo Electric Power Co. to blow up the Kengan Dome, with their captain entering the tournament as an affiliated fighter under Hayami Katsumasa's orders. After Hayami's betrayal was revealed to them, they disarmed all of the bombs they had planted.[2]

Two years after the Kengan Annihilation Tournament, the Heavenly Wolves have become part of Katahara Metsudo's Bodyguards as one of its special forces.[3] For the Kengan Association VS Purgatory Tournament they were tasked to research some informations about Albert Lee's personal history.

Known Members

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