Hayami Masaki (速水 正樹, Hayami Masaki; "Masaki Hayami") is an affiliated fighter for Toyo Electric Power Co. in the Kengan matches.


Masaki is a tall imposing man with messy spiky black hair and big eyes. His face looks almost identical to that of his father's deceased fighter Meguro Masaki, only looking younger and less bestial.


Masaki appears to be a very polite man, showing great respect to his father.

He is often shown reading while throwing sassy and smart comments. He seems to be very informed about fighters and martial arts.


He defeated Utsubuki Kokuro in a Kengan match with a visibly shocked Akiyama Kaede mistaking him for Meguro Masaki.

Masaki later showed up at his "father's" house while Yamashita Kazuo and Kaede were questioning Hayami Katsumasa's motivations with the two left gobsmacked by the striking similarity between Masaki and the deceased Meguro Masaki. With Katsumasa introducing his "son" to the two, Masaki was added to the roster of fighters who would represent the Kengan Association in the upcoming tournament against Purgatory.

When Kazuo asked if he was related to Meguro, he said they were brothers.

Masaki's existence has been reported to Katahara Metsudo by Yamashita, which is in turn passed on to Nogi Hideki[3] while discussing the possibility of Tokita Ohma being cloned; a topic stemming from the heart delivered by an anonymous organisation (presumably the worm) being a new "Ohma's heart".

He then arrived to the tournament with the other fighters.

Power and Abilities

Although his abilities have yet to be properly shown, he is inferred to be a very capable fighter, able to almost instantly knock out the man considered to be top of the new generation, Utsubuki Kokuro, without even injuring him.[4][1] Kokuro himself estimated that he might be even stronger than Gaoh Ryuki.[1]

Notes & Trivia

  • He registered as an affiliated fighter three years prior to fighting Utsubuki Kokuro, but went unnoticed due to not entering any matches.[5]
  • He is a college student.[1]
  • When he was on the plane to Mt. Godslayer, he was shown reading the book “Innumeracy”.[6]



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