Hayakuwa Samato (早鍬 左馬斗, Hayakuwa Samato; "Samato Hayakuwa"), also known as "The Evil Emperor" (凶帝, Kyōtei), is a Nak Muay who competed in the no-holds-barred Rokushin Kaikan Tournament.


Hayakuwa is a well muscled individual with a long face, a sharp nose and long light-coloured hair, which he wears in a single long, crescent-shaped bang that covers the right side of his face. However, his most distinguishing feature are his completely black sclera.


Little is known about Hayakuwa's history. At some point he encountered Ikeuchi Mentaro under unknown circumstances and somehow earned both Ikeuchi's ire[3] and his fear.[4]


When announcing the no-holds-barred Rokushin Kaikan tournament to the top members of Rokushin Kaikan, Ao Kenji mentioned that he planned to incentivise Ikeuchi to participate with the presence of someone Ikeuchi had a grudge against. This fighter was revealed to be Hayakuwa when he suddenly met Ikeuchi and declared his entry into the Rokushin Kaikan tournament. This was ultimately what spurred Ikeuchi himself to enter.

Before the tournament, Hayakuwa attacked a Rokushin dojo, swiftly defeating Ohta Masao and Ando Rei before he himself was attacked by Oshio Gaku. After a short fight, Oshio was defeated as well.

After this, Hayakuwa entered the tournament, being placed in C block.

Powers and Abilities

Hayakuwa is a powerful and intimidating opponent. Ikeuchi Mentaro considers him the strongest Nak Muay he knows and also possibly the strongest man in general.[4] Hayakuwa's elbow strikes in particular were strong enough to rip Oshio Gaku's face open[5] and nearly cleave his hand in half.[6]



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