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Hatsumi Sen ( (はつ) () (せん) ; "Sen Hatsumi"), also known as The Floating Cloud ( (うき) (ぐも) , Ukigumo), is an affiliated fighter within the Kengan matches. He represented the Nogi Group during the Kengan Annihilation Tournament.


Hatsumi has long black hair that he lets fall down his back, thin black eyebrows, relaxed eyes, pronounced tear-troughs and thin stubble above his lip and on his chin. He usually has a casual style of dress.


Hatsumi is an extremely relaxed and blasé person. This lackadaisical attitude shows in most of his Kengan losses: nine by oversleeping, four from bailing and two from forgetting there was a match on.[6] However, when he gets serious, he gets serious. Hatsumi is also a known womaniser who has an issue with keeping it in his pants, so some consider him nothing but a lech. His characterisation is like an elusive floating cloud.[1]


Eighteen years ago, in his early 20s, Hatsumi first met and soon started dating Soryuin Shion for the first time.[7] During that time, he took Shion to Tochigi Destiny Land, but they had a fight and broke up afterwards because she caught him cheating.[8] Two years after they first started dating, Hatsumi left again, telling Shion he was going on a journey to fight powerful fighters, but Shion realised the truth when she picked up an adult tour programme that he had dropped.[7] He then left Japan to travel the world and fight in several underground matches to train himself (and enjoy the company of women).

At the age of 28, he was scouted by Katahara Metsudo to be the fifth Fang of Metsudo. However, a week into his candidacy, he ducked out because he was bored, and Kanoh Agito was chosen in his place.[9] He subsequently became the fighter for Nogi Hideki through certain unspecified connections. At his debut match, Hatsumi reencountered Shion where he explained to her that he had achieved his dream; he then began flirting with the Nogi Group's new secretary.[7] While he was the most powerful fighter in Nogi's employ, his unreliability led Nogi to hire other fighters.


Kengan Ashura

First appearing after Nogi had told Ohma he wouldn't be the Nogi Group's representative fighter, Hatsumi introduced himself before getting into a brief fight with the injured Ohma. Nogi then revealed that while Hatsumi was the Nogi Group's fighter, Ohma and Yamashita Kazuo still had the opportunity to get into the Annihilation Tournament. A few days later, Hatsumi asked Nogi whether he was going to tell Ohma and Yamashita the real reason for them participating, but Nogi waved it off.

On the day, Hatsumi was alarmed to hear Akiyama Kaede wouldn't be travelling with them onboard the S.S. Kengan. Asking if Nogi was okay with Kaede boarding the S.S. Annihilation with Yamashita, Nogi told him it would be better for Yamashita that way.

Onboard the S.S. Kengan, Hatsumi tried to woo Matsuda Tomoko until a certain someone cockblocked him. Realising the certain someone was none other than Soryuin Shion, she began threatening him, but he slipped out of her grasp and escaped. Safe, Hatsumi then noted the various personas in the room who appeared to be fighters. Later, while showering, he mused that things would soon get rough.

On the day that the tournament began, Hatsumi went off on his own to meditate. With Kaede coming to collect him for his match, Hatsumi entered the arena representing the Nogi Group in the Kengan Annihilation Tournament. He fought Chiba Takayuki in the first round. Unsettled by Chiba's claim of being able to mimic any technique he'd seen performed before, Hatsumi was initially put on the back foot until Chiba made the wrong decision, allowing Hatsumi to knock him out in only 26 seconds.

In the second round, Hatsumi's next opponent is against a surprisingly healed Bando Yohei. Despite Bando being the worst matchup for Hatsumi, he managed to attain victory over Bando after breaking the man's right arm and then defeating him with a Hatsumi-style Aikido technique. He then thanked Bando for allowing him to "get into peak condition". After the close of the second round, Hatsumi was seen running away from Hayami's Guardians during the man's attempted coup.

On the final day, before his fight against Kanoh Agito in the quarter-final, he sparred with Ohma and honed his evasive movements. As the fight began at Hatsumi's pace, he initially looked to have the advantage, but he was eventually defeated after Agito "evolved" and proved his superiority. After getting some first aid, Hatsumi watched the rest of the tournament up in the stands by himself.

Kengan Omega

Around a year after the Kengan Annihilation Tournament, Hatsumi traveled to China to search for the Wu Clan since his grandfather, Hatsumi Goichiro, the founder of Hatsumi-style Aikido, is a good friend of Kure Erioh. He used that connection to get in touch with Wu Xing and the Wu Clan in China and train with them and swap techniques with both the Wu Clan and Mikazuchi Rei, which is what lead to his disappearance for most of Omega.

During the Kengan Association VS Purgatory Tournament, Hatsumi and Mikazuchi arrived at Mt. Godslayer to watch Tokita Ohma's match against Rolón Donaire. Both of them were there on the the request of Wu Xing to help take care of the Worm. After Ohma's natch against Rolón was over, both Hatsumi and Mikazuchi easily defated various of Worm members that infiltrated the stadium.

Power & Abilities

Hatsumi's evasion movements

Hatsumi Sen is a powerful individual. In addition to his incredible physical speed and striking power, his key strength is his unpredictability; his self-taught original moves and his erratic behaviour make him next to impossible to read in battle. Besides, he is a master of Aikido and specialises in defeating opponents with minimal effort. Hatsumi is also capable of dodging while moving so little that it appears that he isn't moving at all with the attack seemingly going right through him;[10][11] he achieves this by shifting his knee to evade the attack without changing his axis, making it look like Hatsumi isn't moving at all.[9] He has also crossed what Kuroki Gensai calls the "limiting line", enabling Hatsumi to dodge would-be fatal blows at the final moment.[9] He was able to overwhelm a notably injured Tokita Ohma easily, specifically taking advantage of the injuries Ohma had sustained.[6]

However, while Hatsumi is powerful, the last thing he is is reliable. Wakatsuki Takeshi noted that he is the most fickle fighter, with his peaks and valleys being far too extreme.[12] His competence in battle depends heavily on his mood and his condition, and in some cases, he requires a pre-fight warmup to improve his condition; in poor condition, even average fighters can give him trouble, but in peak condition, he is strong enough to overwhelm even Wakatsuki.[12] Hatsumi tends to gear up his condition by fighting multiple matches in a short space of time.[12] Wakatsuki even mentioned that he is only one of three people to have given him a hard time and to defeat him the other two being Tokita Ohma and Kanoh Agito.

Two years after the Kengan Annihilation Tournament, Hatsumi trained with the Wu Clan in China to learn their techniques and trained with Mikazuchi Rei while swapping techniques with him.

Hatsumi-Style Aikido

Hatsumi-Style Aikido ( (はつ) () (せん) (りゆう) (あい) (きど) () , Hatsumi-ryū Aikidō) is a familial style of Aikido passed down through the Hatsumi lineage. Hatsumi is so extremely proficient in this style that a man of Wakatsuki Takeshi's level and experience noted that going up against Hatsumi using Aikido was reckless at best.[13]

Gathering Clouds: Triple Strike

The Gathering Clouds: Triple Strike ( (むら) (くも) (さん) (れん) , Murakumo Sanren) consists of three blows in rapid succession to the three vital areas of the face: The glabella, the philtrum and the chin. Hatsumi used this technique to quickly knock out Chiba Takayuki.[13]

Hundred Meetings Throw

The Hundreds Meetings Throw ( (ひゃく) () () げ, Hyakue Nage) is a move where Hatsumi grabs the opponent's wrist and throws them high into the air. When they are upside down in the air, he pulls down on their arm, slamming them head first into the ground. Hatsumi used this to defeat Bando Yohei.[14]


The Stardrop ( (ほし) () とし, Hoshi Otoshi) being culmination of all his techniques, Hatsumi puts one hand under his opponent's chin and the other hand around his opponent's waist and throws them head-first with their back to the ground while preventing them from softening their fall. He attempted to use this against Kanoh Agito, but was countered by Kanoh's Dragon Shot before he could complete the throw.[15]

Notes & Trivia

  • Hatsumi's least favourite words are "effort" and "guts".[1]
  • He has an on-off relationship with Soryuin Shion who dumped him due to his infidelity.
  • Hatsumi Sen's Gathering Clouds: Triple Strike technique is quite similar to a famous sword technique, "Sandanzuki", which also strikes 3 point of the opponent's body with one strike, by Okita Sōji, a famous Japanese swordsman.
  • Hatsumi is a proud patron of the Gold Pleasure Group.[16]
  • The real reason Hatsumi became the Nogi Group's affiliated fighter is because, "They have a young and pretty secretary".[7]
  • Sen's theme in the anime is Last Dragon by GALACTICA PHANTOM.


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