Harada Tokujiro (原田 徳治郎, Harada Tokujirō; "Tokujiro Harada"), feared by some as either "Hara-Toku the Kamikaze" (特攻のハラトク, Tokkō no Hara-Toku) or "Hara-Toku the Patriot", is the operations captain of the political organisation "Okute Association",[3] the affiliated fighter for Fujima Shipping and a Kengan Annihilation Tournament preliminary contender.


Tokujiro is a dangerous-looking individual with the right side and the back of his head being shaven and the rest of his black hair falling over the left side of his head, a long face and his most distinguishing feature being the long stitched scar that runs down the right side of his face and over his eye.


He is a militant to the core, willing to use extreme and lethal force to achieve his goals.


Kengan Ashura

One of the fighters taking part in the Kengan Annihilation Tournament preliminaries, Tokujiro challenged Karo Yoshinari after seeing the man swatting people away. However, despite landing a series of blows on the huge man, in the end, Tokujiro was smashed away and knocked out.

He was later seen watching Karo Yoshinari's fight with Yoroizuka Saw Paing, lamenting the sheer fighting strength of the main tournament's fighters.

Kengan Omega

At some point he was beaten by newcomer Utsubuki Kokuro in a Kengan match.

Power & Abilities


  • Hara-Toku Rush (ハラトク ラッシュ, Hara-Toku Rasshu):[3] A flurry of vicious blows used to overwhelm the opponent with the number of strikes. Karo Yoshinari took the full brunt of the attack without fazing however.
  • Hara-Toku Theater (ハラトク劇場, Hara-Toku Gekijō):[3] It is unknown what this attack does as Karo Yoshinari smashed him away before he could perform it.


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