"Even if I must stand alone against an army of ten thousand, I swear to defeat them all."
— Gaolang declaring his drive to defeat all, for the glory of Thailand[2]

Gaolang Wongsawat (ガオラン・ウォンサワット, Gaoran Wonsawatto; "Kaolan Wongsawat"), also known as The Thai God of War (タイの闘神 (とうしん) , Tai no Tōshin), is a professional boxer, an ex-Muay Thai fighter and the personal bodyguard of Rama XIII. During the Kengan Annihilation Tournament, he participated as the affiliated fighter for Yato Trading Co.


Gaolang is a well-defined muscular olive-skinned Thai man with long straight black hair tied into a ponytail that hangs over his left shoulder, thin discerning eyes, and a small circlet around his crown.

He commonly goes bare-knuckle in his fights, only wearing a pair of boxing shorts with seem to be emblazoned with the image of Garuda, a South-East Asian symbol of justice, royalty and the Dhamma.


Gaolang is perpetually calm to the point of being expressionless, contrary to the common depiction of Nak Muays as hotheads. However, this bellies an incredibly analytical mind that allows him to notice details other fighters would miss.

He is a patriotic Thai with matchless loyalty to his ruler, Rama XIII, and would not have taken part in the Annihilation Tournament without his command, as he disparages the tournament for being a mere freak show. However, he came to greatly respect Kaneda Suekichi's determination and willpower during their fight, calling him a true warrior. Gaolang has a great desire to fight a truly powerful foe to the death (as long as the foe isn't Saw Paing).[5]


Gaolang started his fighting career as a Nak Muay 20 years ago when the former King of Thailand noticed his talents,[1] soon earning the name "Thai God of War" after becoming the greatest Nak Muay.[6] However, one day, Gaolang began to question Muay Thai's weakness: it largely dismissed the use of fists to attack. Because he was the King's bodyguard, it would be disadvantageous for him to fight opponents who used other kinds of combat, so Gaolang took up boxing, right after Carlos Medel's retirement, and trained in it to overcome Muay Thai's weakness.[6] After doing so, he became the heavyweight champion of all four major boxing organisations in just four years.[7]

At the age of 15, Gaolang joined the annual cross-border match between Myanmar and Thailand. There, he encountered Yoroizuka Saw Paing for the first time and defeated him by judge's decision in their fight. Since then, Saw Paing proceeded to constantly challenge him to a rematch, even crossing the border to do so.[8][5]

At some point before a title fight, while escorting Rama XIII, Gaolang effortlessly defeated Kaz Fujita.[5]


Kengan Ashura

On board the S.S. Kengan, Saw Paing surprised an exasperated Gaolang by his presence as an affiliated fighter in the tournament. Over the course of the days leading up to the opening day of the tournament, Saw Paing hung around with a indifferently stoic Gaolang.

During the first round of the Kengan Annihilation Tournament, Gaolang made an unimpressed comment about Raian while watching the Kure Raian-Mokichi Robinson fight, with Saw Paing giving a typically hot-blooded response. Later, as the Murobuchi Gozo-Wakatsuki Takeshi fight was about to start, Gaolang asked Saw Paing what he made of the fight with the man replying that he was fired up. With Saw Paing's fight against Karo Yoshinari getting underway, Gaolang casually stated to his employer, Iida Tadashi, that Saw Paing would win before going on to explain the history he shared with Saw Paing. Later, representing Yato Trading Co., he fought against Kaneda Suekichi, attaining victory after being impressed by the latter's fighting spirit and determination to win.

In the second round, Gaolang watched Saw Paing's fight against Mikazuchi Rei, believing Saw Paing to have the advantage due to his specs. However, Saw Paing was defeated and, after Saw Paing regained consciousness, Gaolang tried to reassure him about his defeat. When Saw Paing told him he couldn't fight anymore, Gaolang left in sheer disgust. When his turn came around, Gaolang stepped into the arena to fight against Kanoh Agito. Initially, Agito used boxing to fight but was completely dominated by Gaolang as a result. However, when Agito changed his fighting style, Gaolang couldn't fight back. With Agito taunting him, Gaolang then utilised a combination of boxing and Muay Thai to fight, putting Agito on the defensive again. Fighting non-stop, even after breaking his fist in the latter stages of the battle, Gaolang was eventually defeated when Agito switched his fighting style again.

After his defeat, Gaolang was seen with Kaneda, still thinking that he could get stronger one day, which also served to reinvigorate Saw Paing's fighting spirit. Later, during Hayami Katsumasa's "revolution", Gaolang, Kaneda, Cosmo and Adam were attacked by the Guardians and managed to defeat them all except for Long Min.

He was later seen watching the final matches of the tournament along with the other fighters who had lost.

Some time after the Kengan Annihilation Tournament, Gaolang was reported to be have announced his comeback to boxing.

Kengan Omega

One year after the tournament Gaolang started doing partial training on his right fist to prevent it to ever be shattered again. During one of his trainings he was approached by Rama XIII, who he asked to restore his honor by entering the next competition. Rama agreed, ordering Gaolang to come home safe.

Gaolang was mentioned alongside Wakatsuki Takeshi as being one of two people already selected for the Kengan Association's side in their upcoming showdown with Purgatory.

He was one of the fighters who found out, via phone call, that Tokita Ohma was still alive. He and the other representatives left for the tournament when the day arrived. While on the plane he discussed with Ohma and Yamashita whether the Kengan fighters motivation were enough to achieve victory over Purgatory, but he was reassured from Ohma that their lineup was solid enough.

He took the stage in the first round against Carlos Medel. While finding the occasion to fight the only boxer who's ever been ranked above him a godsend, despite questioning his body condition, Gaolang quickly attacked him with his Flash which, however, Carlos dodged and countered. After he managed to understand Carlos's moves he was able to fight on par with him until Carlos kicked Gaolang, unleashing the "real" Carlos Medel. Being initially overwhelmed by El Dorado's Capoeira techniques he was able to block a kick to his right hand (which Medel wanted to hit on purpose) and stated "No one can shatter my fist anymore". As the fight was going on he managed to hit Carlos Medel with his right fist, as soon as the latter switched to boxing once again, being able to put him to the ground. As Carlos stood up again and attacked him, Gaolang was finally able to pummel him with his Muay Thai techniques. As he was able to bring Carlos on the edge of the ring he managed to knock him down right before being grabbed by Carlos and dragged outside the ring with him. As his right hand touched the external ground first Gaolang lost the match for ring-out. He was later comforted by the other Kengan fighters, with his loss reminding them they were fighting under Purgatory rules and making them band together.

Power & Abilities

Gaolang is an extremely powerful fighter who mainly utilizes boxing in his combat style, focusing on extremely fast damaging flicker jabs. Gaolang's physical abilities are top-notch, being able to throw heavy punches from any position, even unstable ones;[9][10] Gaolang's punches alone can knockout the majority of opponents. Like Kaneda Suekichi, Gaolang is also capable of predicting his opponent's movements, though this seems limited to opponents that utilize a boxing style.[11]

When fighting normally, he only uses his boxing abilities in the "Hitman" or the "Flicker" style, as this is usually enough to dominate his opponent; his boxing skills are arguably the best in the world, proven in his fight with Kanoh Agito when he dominated the latter while both were using boxing, despite Gaolang having a height and reach disadvantage.[12] However, when fighting to the best his abilities he skillfully combines boxing with Muay Thai . Having trained in Muay Thai for over 20 years and mastered boxing, Gaolang is essentially a striking specialist; it would not be an overstatement to call Gaolang the "acme of striking".[6] His combination of boxing and Muay Thai is so powerful that he is capable of forcing a fighter of Kanoh Agito's level on the defensive without giving him a chance to counter.[6][13]

After one year of partial training after the Annihilation Tournament, Gaolang was able to completely heal his right fist and make it stronger than ever. By doing different forms of partial training his fist turned able to break through rocks.

Flash (フラッシュ, Furasshu)

  • Hitman Style, Flicker Stance
  • Flash!
  • Gaolang's new evolved fist
  • God Glow

Gaolang's signature boxing move. While being weighed down by a 10oz glove, he is able to fire off 13 flicker jabs in a single breath,[14] with the number of blows he can let off increasing to at least 15 when barehanded.[9] Because of the speed of his punches, it is extremely hard to dodge or counter, even for professional boxing champions or people who can predict his attacks (such as Kaneda Suekichi). With this move, despite the flicker jabs innate loss of power over regular jabs due to the lack of torque, it is still able to induce a nosebleed in Kaneda Suekichi even when all blows were blocked and knock out lesser fighters.

God Glow ( (かみ) 御光 (おひかり) , Kami no O-Hikari; lit. Light of God)

Upon practicing partial training to his right fist for one year after Kanoh Agito shattered it, Gaolang unleashed a powerful, evolved right cross (also known as a straight), able to "surpass light and become the fist of a god". This move is so powerful not even a fast fighter on the level of Carlos Medel can dodge it.

Notes & Trivia

  • His favourite Thai food is gapao rice, though he can't handle foods that are too spicy.[1]
  • Gaolang is a man with "high house-husband potential" due to his shrewd nature when buying groceries and ability to cook.[15]
  • On the days that Gaolang does not have a match, Gaolang spends his time using his fame to promote tourism for Thailand.[1]
  • After defeating Yoroizuka Saw Paing, the man has begun a seemingly one-sided rivalry with Gaolang, much to the latter's annoyance. However, there is a small part of him that secretly approves of Saw Paing and values Saw Paing as a close friend.[1]
    • Incidentally, all of the fights the two have had after their first one has ended in a draw (because Gaolang keeps forfeiting the fight partway through, sick of Saw Paing's tenacity).[1]
    • Gaolang's partial training to his right hand after the Kengan Annihilation Tournament was inspired by Saw Paing's indestructible bones.
  • Gaolang is into solo karaoke,[1] though he always sings the Thai National Anthem when he performs.[16]
  • He has trained at the Glory Boxing Gym, a gym that appears in Sandrovich's other series Danberu Nan-Kiro Moteru?.[17] It was mentioned that he was supposed to due a live exhibition for the Gym, but had to postpone due to "complications" (presumably due to the tournament and/or from the injuries he received from Kanoh Agito).[18] He later makes a cameo standing next to Ayaka.[19] He cameos when it is mentioned Ayaka and Nana went to see one of his matches.[20] He appears in a Yontube video.[21] He appears in chapter 102.[22]
  • Gaolang is the #1 most popular character in the series (by far), having 94,176 votes in the official popularity poll.
  • His theme is Karma by AMATERASE.
  • Gaolang's stance is based on the famous boxer Thomas Hearns, who earned the nickname "the Hitman". This stance allows its user to more easily use shoulder rolls, slip to the side and deliver flicker jabs which are commonly considered to be the fastest punch, not only in boxing but possibly in all martial arts if performed correctly.


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