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The Gaoh Style (臥王流がおうりゅう, Gaō-ryū; lit. "Prostrated King Style") is an older form of classical jiu-jitsu.[1] Gaoh Mukaku was thought to be its last master until Gaoh Ryuki was found to still utilise it.


The Gaoh Style is a school of classical jiu-jitsu that was passed down among "cowards". In other words, the essence of its style lies in "surprise attacks".[2] Because of this, it is less of a threat if one is aware of its techniques; as such, the style is not particularly suited for public fights and matches.


  • Gaoh Style stance
  • Gaoh Style's evasive movements
  • Ryuki using Air Rending against Akoya
  • Ryuki's Armor Clad
  • Kokuro lands a blow...
  • ...only to be immediately countered by Ryuki's Earth-Crouching Dragon
  • Ryuki redirecting Akoya's strike with Weeping Willow
  • Ryuki redirecting Akoya's strike with Weeping Willow

The workings and mechanisms of the Gaoh Style are still largely unknown.

Air Rending (列衣空レツクウ, Retsukū)

This technique attacks with a flying roundhouse kick thrown from a low stance (as if from a prostrate position).[2] It works best when used after the Earth-Crouching Dragon, as the technique is virtually indistinguishable from Earth-Crouching Dragon up until the flying roundhouse kick is thrown.

Armor Clad (纏鎧てんがい, Tengai)

A primarily defensive technique that works by tightening all the muscles in the body at once to prepare for impact, drastically increasing the user's durability. It functions in the same way as the Niko Style's Indestructible technique.[3]

Earth-Crouching Dragon (地伏龍チフクリュウ, Chifukuryū)

This is a surprise attack, attacking with powerful uppercutting strike thrown from a low stance (as if from a prostrate position);[2] as a result, it often strikes the opponent from a blind spot if successful. It is likely the technique was originally used with a small blade.[2]

Weeping Willow (やなぎ, Yanagi)

This technique is used to alter the trajectory of an opponent's strike via redirecting their flow of power. It is the exact same technique as the Weeping Willow of the Niko Style.[4]

Known Users

Notes & Trivia

  • It is believed that it is the Gaoh Style's "surprise attack" nature that caused Gaoh Mukaku to modernise it into the Niko Style.[2]



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