Gaoh Ryuki ( () (おう) (りゅう) () , Gaō Ryūki; "Ryuki Gaoh") is a mysterious individual who suddenly appeared wanting to enter the Kengan matches.


Ryuki has a notably muscular and well-defined body, with messy dark brown hair and a soft, generally polite expression. He looks strikingly similar to Tokita Ohma, something that everyone who has seen him has either remarked upon or mistaken him for.


Ryuki is quite a polite young man who respectfully addresses others, however he is also quite direct and blunt in the way he talks. While comparing him to Tokita Ohma, Akiyama notes that Ryuki has a gentleness that Ohma didn't have though he also shows a darker side to him.[5] After defeating Utsubuki Kokuro, Ryuki almost killed the man by force of habit,[6] heavily implying there is a much darker nature hiding beneath the surface. To that end, most likely due to his upbringing in the Inside, he is noticeably ignorant and sheltered in his knowledge and understanding of how the 'outside' world works, as well as by the societal moralities most of the 'outside' world holds; this was seen when Ryuki failed to grasp what Yasuo had meant when he said Ohma was "not with us anymore"[2] and also when Himuro notes that Ryuki lacks any guilt when it comes to the killing of others.[7] Himuro further notes that Ryuki is completely closed off to everything, with a fundamental lack of trust in others.[8]

This striking ignorance of societal moralities was best shown when after Koga saw him looming over someone he had just killed, Ryuki switched instantly from 'kill mode' to 'moe mode' as if nothing strange about the situation; when Koga pressed him about it, Ryuki casually admitted to killing him then innocently explained that his grandpa taught him not to think of the people he killed as humans, but to think of them as "bugs" (also adding that he would never kill "normal" people).[9] Due to his upbringing, he is considered to be "mentally unstable".[1]


Much of Gaoh's history is still unknown, except that he was raised in the Inside, and was trained by a man he refers to as "Grandpa". He also has some sort of history with the "Worm" with his grandpa correctly informing him that they would try to make contact with him if he entered the Kengan matches.[10]


Having infiltrated Katahara Metsudo's mansion, Ryuki was immediately stopped by Nikaido Ren. Trying to explain that he had only come to see Metsudo, Ren ignored his words and attacked him anyway. Knocking Ren down, their scuffle was stopped by the arrival of Metsudo who asked why he was there. Ryuki introduced himself and then explained that he wanted to enter the Kengan matches. Metsudo then replied that there was a man he'd like Ryuki to meet.

Some days later, Ryuki arrived at Yamashita Trading Co. and was immediately attacked by Narushima Koga who mistook him for someone else. Effortlessly parrying and then overwhelming Koga, their brief scuffle was stopped when Yamashita Kazuo suddenly returned. Introducing himself, Ryuki explained that he wanted to enter the Kengan matches which Kazuo immediately agreed to. Ryuki then began staying at the Yamashita's residence as he had nowhere else to stay.

Two days later, Ryuki participated in his first Kengan match for General Foodstuffs against Utsubuki Kokuro. Beginning the fight at his own pace, Ryuki then began easily parrying Kokuro's blows when the latter went on the offensive. Countering Kokuro and then knocking him back with a strike to the solar plexus, Ryuki began evading Kokuro again when the latter resumed his assault. Getting struck by Kokuro's Stinger technique, Ryuki returned to his feet, much to Kokuro's shock, and told his opponent he was going to get serious. Getting into a strange stance, he then began avoiding all of Kokuro's strikes, before immediately countering when he was struck, knocking Kokuro out cold in a single blow. Getting ready to kill Kokuro, he stopped when Kazuo congratulated him for his victory.

The day after his first match, he and Koga were informed about how the Kengan Association functioned by Akiyama. Just then Himuro and Kaneda appeared, saying they would also help with Ryuki and Koga's education. After Himuro struck Koga for his attitude, Ryuki attacked but his technique was effortlessly stopped by Himuro. With Himuro asking him why he went to kill Kokuro, Ryuki replied with unnervingly blunt honesty. At that, Himuro then said he'd turn Ryuki and Koga into first-rate fighters but Ryuki openly declined.

Sometime later, Himuro sat Ryuki down and had a conversation with him.

Yamashita then took Ryuki to go and train with Koga at the SJPW gym. Once there, a bored Ryuki told Koga that he was wasting his time there. Irking Jose Kanzaki with his blasé attitude, the wrestler then challenged Ryuki to get in the ring. Ryuki reluctantly got in and the two traded a few blows before Sekibayashi ended it. Later that evening, seeing Koga training hard, Ryuki came in and played a footwork-based training game of tag with him in order to teach Koga a lesson, winning tag 89 times out of 90.

Having watched a horror movie with Yamashita, Ryuki recalled his single loss of tag to Koga and noted that he had to keep the pace up.

The next weekend, Ryuki faced off against Yurikawa Taiju in his second Kengan match, winning after what seemed like an easy fight. While watching Nitoku fight Yuzaki Mumon, he asked Akiyama about the rules regarding death in the Kengan matches after noting that Yuzaki was aiming to kill Nitoku. Shortly after the night of his fight against Yurikawa, Ryuki was seen walking away from Yuzaki Mumon's corpse (having just killed him).

Koga took Ryuki to the mall to get some new clothes with the two spending the day shopping and eating. With their day over, a grateful Ryuki thanked Koga for hanging out with him as he'd never hung out with a friend before.

Some days later, Ryuki was seen killing a man, adding that he should've made him suffer longer for breaking his new glasses. At some point afterwards, having been unsuccessfully tailed by Akoya Seishu, the latter found the corpse of another victim of Ryuki's.

Travelling to see a Purgatory match with Kazuo and Koga, Ryuki casually asked what list Jose was on, with the wrestler revealing he was an A-lister. When three of Purgatory's fighters turned up and the 6th Fang of Metsudo antagonised Jose, Ryuki was left visibly incensed when the 6th Fang sucker punched Koga in the liver. The next day, while on the river shore, Ryuki mentally noted that he might have to break his "promise" to his grandpa.

Two days before his next Kengan match, Ryuki was being tailed by a random guy and lured him into an alleyway before informing the man he was going to die. Not long afterwards, having killed the man, Koga arrived and looked at the scene in shock. With the two ready to eat at Imperial Beef Garden, Ryuki happily tucked into some grilled beef while a visibly uncomfortable Koga pressed him about the scene he has witnessed earlier. Ryuki casually responded that it was exactly as it looked before explaining his reasoning for doing so, which completely shocked Koga, causing him to leave. With Ryuki oblivious to why Koga was in such a huff, he continued eating.

On the day of his third Kengan match, Ryuki got ready to face Akoya Seishu. Prior to them stepping in the arena, he was unnerved by Akoya's death-like nature. With their fight kicking off, Ryuki took the first initiative but his Earth-Crouching Dragon was continuously blocked by Akoya. With Akoya telling him to use his other techniques, Ryuki monologued that he'd have to break his grandpa's rule to only ever use the Earth-Crouching Dragon before striking with another Gaoh Style technique which Akoya narrowly managed to mitigate. With this, Akoya went on the offensive with his first strike being redirected. However, Akoya blocked the follow up and eventually floored Ryuki before relentlessly pummelling him. With Ryuki readying to kill with another Gaoh Style technique, he hesitated after remembering Koga's shrill words about killing, allowing Akoya to land a crushing blow and continue whaling on him until he was forcefully restrained by Katahara Metsudo's Bodyguards. With the fight over and Akoya victorious, he asked Ryuki why he hesitated and, after hearing Ryuki's answer, began leaving. After Ryuki's fight, Koga conversed with him about why he hesitated during his match. With Ryuki musing on the words that Koga had said to him before about killing people, he revealed that something had felt off since then and wondered if he was going crazy.
That evening, Ryuki was subjected to a post-fight examination due to his injuries but was ruled well enough.

Some days later, Ryuki was present for the Kengan match between Rihito and Mokichi Robinson, watching as Rihito achieved victory. He noted that Rihito was still training.

Three months later, Ryuki was seen visiting Jose in hospital with Koga. After, they talked about how the tournament had been pushed back by a month.

When the Worm attacked Yamashita and Koga, Ryuki was doing shopping with Yamashita Yasuo. When he learned what happened to Koga and Yamashita he happened to be quite nervous about it.

He was visiting Koga in hospital when the two finally met Tokita Ohma, alive and accompanied by Yamashita himself. Even though it was their first encounter, Gaoh had a strange feeling of familiarity with Ohma, thinking it was like he has knowing him for a long time. When Ohma thanked Koga for protecting Yamashita but told him he'd replace him against Purgatory, Ryuki was particularly irked by his remark. He almost put up a fight with him but when both Koga and Kure Raian (who Ryuki didn't notice being present in the room) underlined Koga's inability to fight in the tournament he calmed down. Though he couldn't help but looking Ohma in a strange way after he left the hospital.

Power & Abilities

While his fighting power is largely unknown, Ryuki has shown enough prowess to be recognised as a powerful fighter. In his brief altercation with Nikaido Ren, Ryuki appeared to have the upper hand[11] and in his short altercation with Narushima Koga, Ryuki was able to effortlessly block and parry everything Koga threw at him.[5] In his battle against Utsubuki Kokuro, Ryuki was able to effortlessly parry Kokuro's landing blows and dodge Kokuro's kick from nigh point-blank range while countering him.[12] In his victory over Yurikawa Taiju, a powerful fighter in his own right, both Adam Dudley and Imai Cosmo noted that Ryuki defeated him easily.[13]

Gaoh Style

  • Gaoh Style: Armor Clad
  • Gaoh Style stance
  • Gaoh Style's evasive movements
  • Kokuro lands a blow...
  • ...only to be immediately countered by Earth-Crouching Dragon
  • Gaoh Style: Earth-Crouching Dragon!
  • Gaoh Style: Weeping Willow
Main article: Gaoh Style

An older martial art that Ryuki learned from his grandpa. Historically known as a martial art for "cowards", its essence lies in "surprise attacks", with some of its techniques assumed to have worked better with weapons, such as small blades, rather than being entirely effective on its own. [14]

During his fight against Kokuro, Ryuki performed a strange crouched stance, with his upper body completely relaxed and his line of sight pointing downwards. In this stance, he was able to easily evade Kokuro's attacks with seemingly slow and irregular movements, which then lead into Ryuki countering Kokuro's strike with Earth-Crouching Dragon.[6]

Notes & Trivia

  • Ryuki's forename ( (りゅう) () ) literally means "Demonic Dragon".
  • His favourite food is anything tasty.[1]
  • Upon first encountering Ryuki, Katahara Metsudo insighted that Ryuki had killed quite a number of people.[11] This was later confirmed to be true.[7][9]
  • Though assumed to be Gaoh Mukaku's grandson by the likes of Katahara Metsudo[11] and Yamashita Kazuo, it has yet to be properly confirmed.
  • Ryuki is currently studying how to read and write Japanese.[1]
  • Akoya Seishu has a fervent belief that Ryuki is a "comrade" in his pursuit of justice.[15]



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