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Lu Tian and Kanoh Agito, two users of the Formless Stance.

Formless ( () (けい) , Mukei) is a wild, unorthodox style created by The Other Tokita Niko. Kanoh Agito and Lu Tian are currently the only known users of the stance.


Though it is unknown how The Other Tokita Niko came to create the stance, it is prized as his greatest creation, surpassing the two Niko Style secret techniques Fallen Demon and Possessing Spirit.

The Formless stance is not like a normal style, as instead of a singular fighting one, the user has a wide repertoire of moves that one can draw from at any time. This style acts more like an instinctive reflex and reaction to the opponent's attack, going limp to avoid, withstand or deflect attacks and striking at the first oppening almost instantaneously.

This style's forte is adaptability, but possesses one notable weakness to the form. By fully embracing adaptability, one sacrifices the ability to make immediate decisions due to the sheer amount of options at their disposal. Those who are specialized in one form of combat, such as "strikers" like Kaolan Wongsawat and Kuroki Gensai, can outpace the user in reaction time. Another way to circumvent this reaction time is to switch between two different styles in an instant and thereby preventing the user from reacting appropriately, which Agito would do against Lu Tian.

This style is "taught" by placing all candidates into human Gu rituals. Those who survived were taught by The Other Niko to refine the style further. There are also two known generations of the Formless stance: The First Generation, who were taught both the Formless stance and the Niko Style, and the Second Generation, who were taught only the Formless stance. The psycological results of the ritual acts as a trigger of the use of this style.

Known Users



Notes & Trivia

  • The style has once been compared to Systema by Himuro Ryo, as they both require the user to be highly flexible and focuses on adaption.
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