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"Wrong. This is my Niko Style. I am The Tiger's Vessel"
— Fei revealing his identity to Takeshi Wakatsuki[3]

Fei Wangfang ( (フヘイ) (ワン) (フアン) , Fuhei Wanfuan), also known as Three Demon Fists: Toad ( (さん) () (けん) () () , Sangiken Gama), was the self-proclaimed "Tiger's Vessel" of The Other Tokita Niko. A member of the Worm who infiltrated Purgatory, Wangfang was also one of its thirteen representatives who fought in the Kengan Association VS Purgatory Tournament.


Wangfang was a tall young man with light long hair styled into a ponytail. He wore a white chángshān and black pants, and hides a second, more form-fitting chángshān underneath.


Wangfang, at first glance, was a fairly laid-back individual, acting as one of the more rational gladiators.

His real personality bled through when he taunted Rolón Donaire without fear, with a muted malice on his face. The real Wangfang was an immensely proud martial artist, killing Long Min for trying to one-up him at every turn. That said, he only really cared about proving that he was Niko's heir; initially considering Gaoh Ryuki to be a threat to that future, only to change his mind upon learning that he doesn't use the Niko Style.

Due to being a major obstacle to being considered a true heir, Wangfang harbors an immense grudge for Tokita Ohma. In his eyes, Ohma was an outsider who his master gave the Possessing Spirit to on a whim. In his final moments, upon realizing who Ohma (and by extension, Ryuki) was a clone of, he could only curse out The Other Niko for using him as nothing more than a test subject for the true Tiger's Vessel.


Wangfang was a martial artist from Sichuan. A student of The Other Niko, Wangfang was one of his three sole surviving students out of originally 4000, the other two being Long Min and Ranjo. Unlike the rest of The Other Niko's students who were taught Possessing Spirit and Fallen Demon, Wangfang would discover that, for reasons unknown to himself, he was able to handle using both techniques at once for a considerable amount of time. Wangfang would name this combined technique Divine Demon.

Two years before the Kengan Association VS Purgatory Tournament, Wangfang joined Purgatory and defeated one of the Demon Fists, taking his title.[4] Wangfang had also faced Liu Dongcheng twice, with one loss and one win against him.


Kengan Ashura

In Hong Kong, a cloaked Wangfang appeared with Xia Ji and Edward, discussing the failed retrieval and supposed loss of Ohma, as well as the fact that Wangfang killed Long Min with his own sword simply because he became fed-up with him. Wangfang then declared that he was the last remaining heir to the Niko Style.[5]

Kengan Omega

After finding the corpse Ryuki left behind, Edward asked Wangfang whether or not Ryuki was a "Tiger's Vessel" like him, with Wangfang answering that he would kill him if he was.[6]

Before the tournament, Wangfang was having dinner with the Other Tokita Niko, where he feigns affection for the friends he's made at Purgatory, only to cruelly brush it aside at the thought of rubbing his betrayal in their faces.

During the first matches of the Tournament, Wangfang was seen discussing the fights with Nicolas.

Before Naidan Mönkhbat's match against Ryuki, Wangfang showed some concern for Naidan's strange behaviour and watched as the match went on. Internally, Wangfang was fuming that he wasn't informed that Naidan was of them. After Naidan's death and Dongcheng's subsequent rampage, Wangfang remained fairly unmoved by what happened since, while not as heartless as Nicolas, he rationalized that there was nothing he could do about it.

After Lu Tian's loss against Kanoh Agito, the gladiators started suspecting of each other. In Wangfang's case, he accused Rolon of being "awfully level-headed", to which Rolon brushed it off with a warning. Wangfang and the other remaining gladiators (sans Dongcheng) met the Kengan fighters in the middle of the ring, discovering the Worm that infiltrated Purgatory. Wangfang then admitted that he heard the name of the Worm and wondered whether Naidan or Lu were impostors. However, that slip-up was caught by Ohma, since Kazuo never mentioned the infiltration itself. When the calls to suspend the tournament was dismissed by Rolon, Wangfang returned to his gate with the rest of the gladiators.

After Dongcheng's win against Tokuno'o Tokumichi, Wangfang and Carlos discussed about Terashi as he entered the ring to face Okubo Naoya. While Wangfang noted that "Terashi" was also the name of an infamous hitman located in China, the Terashi of Purgatory soon turned out to be a copycat.

After Terashi's loss, Wangfang entered the ring as the twelfth gladiator, facing Wakatsuki Takeshi During their match, while Takeshi's power and toughness put Wangfang at an initial disadvantage, Wangfang's mastery of multiple styles evened the playing field. However, with his master, The Other Niko, demanding that he utilized the Niko Style, Wangfang obliged by baiting Takeshi with the crane stance, before redirecting his attack with Weeping Willow, touting himself as "The Tiger's Vessel". As Takeshi managed to free himself from Wangfang's hold, the latter's Niko Style and mastery of the Redirection and Water Katas nullified much of Takeshi's strength.

Taunted by Takeshi to use his "Advance", Wangfang dismissed it as he demonstrates a entirely different form, Divine Devil. With this ultimate technique, Wangfang's enhanced abilities overwhelmed Takeshi. Though he manages to circumvent Takeshi's most dangerous attacks, his continued use of Divine Demon gradually breaks his body down. Though he eventually maximizes the output of Divine Demon in order to break free of a bearhug, as well as knocking out Takeshi in a final clash, his body gives up on him soon after. Lamenting that he wasn't the Tiger's Vessel after all, Wangfang soon collapsed at the same time.

On the verge of death, Wangfang request that he spoke to Ohma, ruefully congratulating that he would soon be the sole practitioner of the Niko Style left, besides the Other Niko. Revealing that both Ohma and Ryuki were clones of a high-ranking member of the Worm, Wangfang slowly realized in horror who their genetic template was upon getting a better look. Cursing out The Other Niko for merely using him and everyone else, a delirious Wangfang shouted that Ohma was the true Tiger's Vessel along, succumbing to his wounds soon after.

Power and Abilities

Fei Wangfang, at first glance, is a master of Ren Clan Tai Chi Chuan ( (ジン) () (たい) (きょく) (けん) , Ren-shi Taikyokuken)[4]. However, Agito, who's from mainland China, has never heard of it. Wangfang is also a practioner of multiple martial arts, such as jiu-jitsu, kickboxing and MMA. He was able to kill Long Min, one of the three candidate Tiger's Vessels, and fought Takeshi Wakatsuki to a draw. Wangfang also possesses a peculiar durability. He was able to withstand utilizing Divine Devil for a considerable amount of time, his body only broke down after briefly maximizing its output to escape Takeshi's hold.

Niko Style

Wangfang's true style. His Niko Style possesses several techniques that are unique to him, which Ohma and Agito know nothing about.

He displayed a masterful use of the style, enough to largely dominate Takeshi before he could get the timing down, and even then was able to break free from his grapple to continue successfully fighting, with Takeshi goading him into using Advance in the hopes of robbing Fei of his precision, as he viewed the empowered state as easier to deal with than Fei's technical skill. He was repeatedly able to not only successfully redirect and disperse the damage of Takeshi's blows and knock him back with his Kata strikes, but could even lock him down with the Redirection Kata, forcing the later to use roundabout methods to break free.

Wangfang's greatest achievement with the Niko Style was the utilization and creation of Divine Devil, a technique that only he can use. In this state, Wangfang's power is enhanced to an extreme degree, capable of launching the likes of Takeshi a fair distance away with a single strike. His heartrate is so rapid, only those close to him can hear it, and the resulting speed of his heart beats allows him to fling his blood as a minor, yet annoying projectile, with enough power to pierce skin and potentially damage more sensitive organs like eyes. His perception rate and speed increased to the point he viewed Takeshi as nearly stationary, and could even react to and dodge blows that had already made contact.

As it is an application of both Possessing Spirit and Fallen Demon, Wangfang can also accelerate his heartrate to full throttle. In this state, Wangfang is able to break free from a bearhug from Takeshi, and land a blow that sent the latter a considerable degree away. However, not even Wangfang could keep up Divine Demon at such an extreme level without consequence, with his body breaking down not long after.

Notes & Trivia

  • Fei was originally supposed to show up much earlier in Kengan Ashura along with the original versions of Edward Wu and Xia Ji, and was planned to fight Wakatsuki Takeshi in round 2 of the Annihilation Tournament instead of Julius. This was later repurposed for its sequel, Kengan Omega.
  • His favorite place in Japan is Koenji for its used clothing stores.
  • His favorite food is pizza.


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