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The Fang of Metsudo (滅堂 (めつどう) (きば) , Metsudō no Kiba) is the spear of Katahara Metsudo's forces, being the symbol of strength that Metsudo has used to amass power and status within the Kengan Association and the Kengan matches.


After narrowly surviving an assassination attempt from Kure Erioh, Katahara Metsudo then decided to hire Erioh as his fighter for his newly founded company, Katahara Distribution Inc., thus becoming Metsudo's first "Fang of Metsudo".[1] With the two of them carving a path in the Kengan Association, Erioh helped bring Metsudo to the seat of Kengan Association chairman.[2]

A few decades later, Omori Masamichi was scouted from outside of the Bodyguard ranks and became the fourth Fang.[3] During this time, Kanoh Agito was in the process of being reformed after being found in a human Gu ritual.[4] Some time later, during the selection process to decide the next Fang, Agito tore open Takayama Minoru's cheek during a bout,[5] before being selected to become the fifth Fang.

After the recent Kengan Annihilation Tournament, Kanoh Agito renounced his position as the Fang.[6] Afterwards, Metsudo selected one of the rookie Bodyguards to become the sixth Fang, with the new Fang proving to be as fearsome as Kanoh Agito. However, the sixth Fang turned out to be a traitor, soon transferring to Purgatory, having used to title of "Fang of Metsudo" to be able to enter Purgatory under "better conditions".[7] Two new Fangs were then selected thereafter in the time that followed. The latest man to wield the title of Fang of Metsudo is Misasa who, apparently, got the title under Katahara Retsudo's recomendation since, among the members of the Extermination Force, Misasa is the best when it comes to unarmed combat.

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