Tough Guy is the third episode of the anime adaptation of Kengan Ashura.

Ohma thinks he’s got the upper hand, but Sekibayashi Jun quickly reminds him: pro-wrestlers are great actors, and they love to put on a show.

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Ohma prepares to fight GANDAI competitor Sekibayashi Jun, a large man, in an underground parking lot. Ohma begins fighting immediately despite Sekibayashi wanting to talk, but his blows have little effect due to Sekibayashi's massive size. Sekibayashi eventually lands a devastating kick, sending Ohma into a car, before monologuing about how Ohma has the option to run or to dodge, whereas he has a duty to fight head on as a professional wrestler. He calls Ohma a peasant, and then Ohma retaliates in earnest, seeming to gain the upper hand, until Sekibayashi calls it an act, and slams him to the ground.

Sekibayashi continues to pummel the unconscious Ohma, but when an onlooker says he has lost, Yamashita Kazuo grabs his shirt and demands he take it back, yelling that Ohma simply cannot lose, but the onlooker is unmoved. As Sekibayashi is about to break Ohma, the latter finds himself in a room lit with candles, and blows them out. Ohma suddenly awakens, having broken Sekibayashi's fingers, and jumps aside, seemingly possessed. He begins fighting beyond his usual style, keeping up a continuous flurry of blows that Sekibayashi continues to absorb even as he advances.

Sekibayashi tries to grab Ohma, but he dodges and parries with a kick, sending Sekibayashi staggering backward. Ohma continues to devastate Sekibayashi as two newcomers to the fight, Wakatsuki Takeshi and Imai Cosmo, comment on Ohma's increase in power, but Sekibayashi simply comes back, staggering him with two massive blows, until Ohma lunges forward to meet Sekibayashi's oncoming rush, striking him in the windpipe and defeating him.

At the end of the match, the onlooker offers to have a drink with Yamashita, while Chairman Katahara Metsudo, director of Dainippon Bank, arrives, impressed by the results. Shikano Gen then agrees to motion for a replacement of the Chairman's post and Metsudo emphatically declares an Kengan Annihilation Tournament.

Anime and Manga Discrepancies

  • When Ohma entered his mental world filled with candles, he wore clothes in the manga whereas he was only wearing his fighting slats in the anime.

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