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Father is the twenty-fourth and final episode of the anime adaptation of Kengan Ashura.

Just when the match seems over, Ohma has a vision and unlocks a new level of his abilities for an epic showdown against Raian.

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Kiryu shouts from above that God cannot be taken down and yells for Ohma to stand up again. Kazuo begs for Ohma to not die, realizing that he is now not only going to lose his son and lively hood, but Ohma's life will be lost in vain. Ohma is visited by Niko, who tells him to become stronger without using Advance.

Kazuo grovels, exclaiming Ohma is like a hero to him. Ohma slowly rises to his feet again and uses what Niko referred to as his "inner tactics" to fight Raian. Raian manages to throw Ohma over his head when caught in a headlock. Ohma has finally began using his own Niko style that are unlike what Niko taught him. A specter of Niko offers his blessing to Ohma to carry on the Niko style and continue to develop it before dissipating.

Kazuo shouts that Raian can no longer use his technique and is at just as much of a disadvantage as Ohma is. Ohma uses this to bring Raian down, brutalizing him so that the referee has to pull him off. The crowed is speechless. Kazuo rushes into the ring, hugging a bloody Ohma in his victory. Ohma refuses any attention and tells Kazuo to call his son.

Kiryu is enraged that Ohma has taken up Niko's style, wanting Ohma to be a destructive god just as Kiryu perceives him to be. Other fighters that know who Niko is finds Ohma to be a good disciple. Meanwhile, Kazuo apologizes to Erioh. Erioh attempts intimidating Kazuo by saying that Kazuo's life is in the palm of his hands, but Kazuo explains if he did anything, the Kure family will be ruined. He shows off that he is automatically uploading their conversation so that if Erioh went against his word, everyone would know.

Turns out Erioh had already rescinded the assassination order of Kenzo before Kazuo came in, waving him off that he was merely playing with him. Erioh finds a parallel in Kazuo to Metsudo.

Karla strips nude in declaration that Ohma is her husband since he defeated Raian. She runs off in search of him, determined to have his child.

Kazuo finally gets a call through to Kenzo. Kaede scolds Ohma for leaving the doctor's room to eaves drop on Kazuo. When Kazuo notices Ohma is there, he thanks him for saving Kenzo and says that he is glad Ohma made it out alive. Ohma reassures him that a man shouldn't cry and that they should go get something to eat.

Anime and Manga Discrepancies

  • After defeating Raian, Ohma shakily leaves the arena of his own volition and is later seemingly fine enough to play down Akiyama Kaede's worries and usher Kazuo into getting some meat with him. In the manga, Ohma is stretchered off immediately after his fight with Raian and subsequently ends up in a serious coma due to the heavy damage he sustained during the match.


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