Deathmatch is the twenty-second episode of the anime adaptation of Kengan Ashura.

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Akoya bites off a section of Imai's thigh, chewing it up and spitting it out. Imai is reduced to shaking uncontrollably in fear, as Akoya is no normal opponent. Akoya views Imai as an evil that must be vanquished. The match becomes less of a fight and publicly torturing Imai, jamming his thumb between Imai's ribs and inflicting as much pain as he can. Imai loses consciousness mid torture, only to be jarred awake by a bashing to his ribs. The referee is unable to stop this, even as the crowd shrinks away in disgust. No one is strong enough to oppose Akoya.

Dudley threatens Hiyama to end the fight, but she refuses saying Imai will die if she tries to intervene now. Akira shows a lack of desire to end the match, believing that Imai is not finished, yet, despite the odds being obvious. He asks Dudley if he really thought he was a good person to start with, hence he dragged Imai into the underworld when he had a bright future ahead of him. Imai falls limp, unable to recount the number of ribs Akoya has broken. In his loss of consciousness again, Imai is visited by his master, Mitsuyo Kureishi. Mitsuyo asks him his drive for fighting, to which Imai replies light-heartedly with a smile that he doesn't like losing, enjoys fighting and wants to surpass Mitsuyo someday. Mitsuyo affirms that Imai will never surpass him like this and that he is not Imai's guardian.

With that, Imai finds initiative and bites Akoya, aiming an attack for Akoya's nether region. This causes Akoya to flee, taken back by Imai's sudden change. Imai has realized that he is fighting for his life and there are no morals to how he survives. He fights to win. Imai is now a barrel of fists, but is raised from the ground by his throat by Akoya. Imai escapes the grip by kicking Akoya in the face, blinding him in one eye. He then slips behind Akoya to take him into a python hold.

Akoya slams Imai into the wall, trying to knock him off. When thrown to the ground, Imai fakes immobility to trap Akoya in another grapple. Akoya responds by punching Imai in the ribs repeatedly. This proves futile as Imai doesn't falter, taking victory over Akoya once and for all.

Akira confronts Akoya by saying if it weren't for his murderous inclinations, he would have defeated Imai without error. Imai thanks Akoya for helping him realize his true drive to fight. Akoya merely ignores them and leaves.

Kazuo dreads Ohma's match as it nears. Ohma comes over, asking why he is outside, Kazuo confesses that he is disgusted with himself for being so worried about himself when Ohma is the one who fights. Erioh and Raian approach, there is a considerable distance between them. Erioh explains the prize of Ohma winning is Kazuo's son, Kenzo's life. Kazuo is at a loss for words, clueless as to why his son is involved. Erioh reveals that Kenzo founded Under Mount Inc.. Erioh goes onto say that Kenzo underestimated the Kure family and should pay the price. They leave after Raian digs into Kazuo by saying he must wish his trash of a son would just die.

Anime and Manga Discrepancies

  • When Kure Erioh comes to discuss the wager on Kazuo's son's life, it occurs just before Ohma's match against Raian. In the manga, this encounter occurs the night before.

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