Super Human
Episode 02
Kanji: 超人
Romaji: Chōjin
Episode: 2
Manga Chapter(s): 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 12
Airdate: 31st July, 2019
Episode Direction: Hirai Yoshimichi
Storyboard: Hirai Yoshimichi
Screenplay: Zappa Gou
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Next Episode:
Tough Guy

Super Human is the second episode of the anime adaptation of Kengan Ashura.

For his debut Kengan match, Ohma calmly faces Yoshitake Real Estate's Rihito, an arrogant fighter with a superhuman vice-like grip.

Appearing Characters


The episode opens with Ivan Karaev, a famous Russian kickboxer, fighting Tokita Ohma. As Ivan goes for a high kick, Tokita dodges and kicks Ivan in his exposed groin, downing him. His companion moves forward and kills Ivan with his fingertips by opening an artery. He then introduces himself as Lihito, Tokita's opponent in the next Kengan match.

At the match, Yoshitake Yoshiro is first encountered, President of Yoshitake Real Estate and Lihito's sponsor. Akiyama Kaede explains to Yamashita Kazuo that the wager of the fight is construction rights to a planned 100 billion Yen tower. Nogi Hideki also explains to Yamashita that the people in attendance are representatives of companies in the Kengan Association, there to report the results and bet on the fight. The crowd is initially upset that Komada Shigeru is not present, demanding a serious fight. Kaede questions Nogi's choice of Tokita as a fighter, considering he did not forewarn him about Lihito's skills. Nogi simply responds that if Tokita cannot win here, he will not be needed anymore.

Tokita and Lihito warm up in the ring, rain pouring on their heads, and the fight begins. Neither combatant moves, however, continuing to stare at each other, shifting their weight and balance while looking for an opening as the crowd complains at the lack of action. Suddenly, they both move, Tokita landing the first punch but Lihito resisting the blow by pressing his head forward, robbing it of power. Tokita eventually gains the upper hand, the takes Lihito to the ground, but then Lihito slices Tokita's arm and chest with his fingernails, specializing in his "Razer's Edge" ability due to his preternatural pinching strength, and gets back into the fight.

The fight resumes, and Lihito scores several slices on Tokita, Tokita nonetheless remaining calm despite increasing blood loss. Lihito presses the advantage, and Tokita lands a stunning kick to Lihito, knocking him to the ground again, but this time Tokita does not advance. Lihito mocks him, saying he grabbed Tokita's leg as he kicked, and sliced him again. Lihito eventually reveals that he does not consider himself human, instead of a "superhuman" due to his inborn grip strength, and for fighting so well, Lihito tells Tokita his real name; Ichiro Nakata, having taken a pseudonym as "superheroes" do in fiction.

As Lihito continues to boast, Tokita mocks him, saying real heroes are of few words. He claims to have found a counter to Lihito, only being cautious in case of additional trickery, using the conversation as an opportunity to close in on him as Lihito becomes unnerved. Yoshitake Yoshiro screams to take the finishing blow, and as Lihito strikes, Tokita blocks it with an open-handed grip, having prevented Lihito from gaining acceleration enough to properly cut. Pressing the advantage, Tokita disrupts Lihito's flow of power and once again sends him to the ground, this time finishing with a foot to the face, winning. Only a select few veteran onlookers understood precisely what had happened.

Rights to the Makunouchi Building now secured by the Nogi Group, Tokita, Yamashita, and Kaede celebrate with food. Kaede asks Tokita why he fights in the matches, as the money is not really worth the pain and potential death. His explanation is that he wants to establish who's strongest, any other reason being "tacked on afterward". Kaede questions why that would be enough reasoning considering that he might die if he loses, to which he responds that there is simply no possibility of that happening, although Tokita thinks internally that he seeks to defeat an old acquaintance, Kiryu Setsuna.

At the Kouou Women's University, where Kengan Association member Kouou Education Group resides, Kiryu has defeated all of their members in an attempt to enter the Kengan matches in order to confront Tokita. Soryuin Shion, chairwoman of Kouou, accepts him as a fighter. Meanwhile, Nogi arranges another fight against a 57-streak winner, as one final test.

Anime and Manga Discrepancies

  • When Rihito first arrives with Yoshitake Yoshiro, he is with two girls. They are not present in the anime.
  • When the scene pans over to the shadowed figures watching Ohma's debut match, Kure Raian is not present with the rest of the Kure bunch like in the manga.
  • The entire Kaburagi Koji Kengan match is omitted.
  • The first portion of Kiryu's debut appearance in the battle royale is skipped, leaving only the final result of his victory over Ozu Toshio



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