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The Rakshasa is the sixteenth episode of the anime adaptation of Kengan Ashura.

Destinyland's Nezu Masami takes on Mikazuchi Rei, the scion of an assassin sect. Nikaido Ren's uncanny move against Kiryu Setsuna backfires.

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Game 10 begins and Mockey, Nezu, enters and splits his mask off to reveal his face. Rei follows after before his planned introduction, wishing to get the fight over with. Nezu and Rei fight for something they care about deeply and refuse to give up. The Raishin style is 1,200 years old, specializing in assassination. It is passed down by trial of not eating, drinking or sleeping for nine days, resulting in a near-death experience ailed with hallucinations, he merges with darkness. Due to this, Rei's movements are comparable to lightning. He finishes Nezu off instantly.

Ren prepares for his battle up next, he represents the Byakuya Shimbun company. Kiryu debuts, representing Kouou Education Group. Ren researched Kiryu beforehand, feeling confident his battle style will triumph over Kiryu's. He makes the first move, landing a graze on Kiryu's cheek sharp enough to draw blood. Kiryu considers himself an offering to Ohma and because Ren scarred him, he must pay with his life. He overwhelms Ren with ease, throwing Ren off guard as he believed he was faster. Kiryu offers Ren a chance to surrender so his life may be spared, otherwise Kiryu cares naught if he survives the match.

Ren says Kiryu reminds him of someone he knew that died a miserable death. Kiryu displays his twisted sense of reality by saying that person was spared and that he is jealous. Ren sinks into formation for Qilong. Qilong belongs to the technique Tenroken, it creates a blast between the palms and stuns the opponent temporarily. Whispering a hypnotic spell midst attack is initiated as well. This stuns Kiryu, but he manages to his feet again. As Ren asks where he shall destroy Kiryu next, he sputters blood.

Kiryu asks Ren if he is aware there are two kinds of people: ones that deserve happiness and ones who don't. To Ren's dismay, using hypnosis on Kiryu awoken something within him that has now taken over. He asks Ren is he will become his sin. He deflects all of Ren's attacks with ease. It appears he has adapted some of Ohma's techniques into his own. He wraps Ren into his arms and explains the only two named Koei techniques, Blink and lastly Rakshasa's palm, which he uses to defeat Ren once and for all. Kiryu blows a kiss to Ohma before exiting the ring.

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