The Fisherman is the fifteenth episode of the anime adaptation of Kengan Ashura.

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Matches in Block C begin. Saw Paing is the first to enter the ring, followed by Yoshinari Karo, representing Ajiro Fisheries. Gaolang explains to his employer that Saw Paing is his self-proclaimed rival, much to his distaste. It is planned that Karo will pretend to lose. Saw Piang immediately notices Karo's stance is unusual. He punches as though he is to throw a harpoon. He is willing to take down any foe to protect the fishery.

Saw Paing attacks with little to no guard, but Karo retaliates with a direct hit to Saw Paing's spinal cord. It is a technique used on fish to keep them alive, but brain-dead. This attack destroys his fingers and Saw Paing is able to recover shortly due to lethwei's main fighting technique is to strengthen bones beyond any normal human's. Karo resets his fingers, determined to continue fighting. Saw Paing returns to providing a perilous assault onto Karo through fists and kicks. Karo is capable of knocking Saw Paing off of him due to his unnatural sense of balance as a fisherman.

Saw Paing leans in, resorting to in-fighting, or a suicide-attack. Karo has a personal vendetta against Toyo Electric Power and refuses to go down without making them pay. Karo's sense of purpose and Saw's love for combat are head-to-head. Saw Paing delivers a blow to one of the discs in Karo's spine, toppling him. As Karo descends, it is revealed that the night prior he received an anonymous letter with a flash drive entailing Toyo's plans to rebuild the port into an electricity plant and town. Saw Paing is declared victor and Ajiro flees with his life.

Matsuda and Kiryu approach Kazuo. Mockey appears and Matsuda envelopes him in a bear hug, exclaiming her love for Mockey. As Kazuo talks to Kiryu about Mockey, Kiryu notes Kazuo is Ohma's employer. He sums up Kazuo must be a good man. Honald appears and Matsuda becomes even more elated. She explains she loves them because of their anthropomorphic love stories. Mockey strips of his costume and reveals he is actually one of the fighters.

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