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Conviction is the thirteenth episode of the anime adaptation of Kengan Ashura.

Kiozan Takeru looks like he's using MMA moves against "Hell's Angel" Jun Sekibayashi, but his all-out style is how sumo was originally fought.

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The eighth match is ready to begin, representing MAGATANIEN, Takeru Kiozan and representing GANDAI, Jun Sekibayashi enter the ring. Jun enters with a hairstyle for sumo wrestlers, only it is reversed to break the rules and to get under Takeru's skin. Kazuo and Kaede watch from the stands, Kazuo is dumbfounded by Ohma's struggle to fight Jun in comparison to Takeru's current ease. Jun toys with Takeru, acting as though he is at a disadvantage and makes great efforts to prove pro-wrestling is superior to sumo.

Takeru is capable of overwhelming Jun, but Jun emphasizes that in pro-wrestling, he uses a three-dimensional field which provides an advantage over a sumo wrestler. They ensue each other in a flurry of relentless blows. Akira finds that Cosmo lacks what Jun has and hopes by watching this fight, he will learn it.

Takeru stuns Jun with kicks, an uncommon technique amongst sumo wrestlers. In the stands it is debated if this is truly sumo, but it is clarified that historically sumo was the original mma. Jun finds Takeru is much like himself. Jun asks Takeru if he doesn't love sumo, saying he isn't the top sumo wrestler yet and does not have the right to reject it yet. Takeru lashes out and charges at Jun, only to be flipped onto his back.

Takeru lowers his stance to all fours and charges again with the muscles of his feet making his movements faster than the average eye can track, it is a move called Raging Vigor. Jun redirects the attack so that Takeru takes the damage from his own assault. This is the skill Akira hopes Cosmo will adapt into his combat style. This ultimately cripples Takeru and results in losing.

Juzo takes the loss with a smile, remembering when Takeru's family asked him to hurt Takeru's pride for the future of sumo. Haruo becomes a pupil of Jun after the fight, wishing to become better.

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