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Kengan is the first episode of the anime adaptation of Kengan Ashura.

Chairman Nogi suddenly calls low-level employee Yamashita Kazuo into a meeting and gives him an unexpected—and unwanted—new assignment.

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While walking down a street one day Yamashita Kazuo notices a fight between Tokita Ohma and Komada Shigeru in a side alley. Yamashita expects Komada, the significantly larger man, to utterly defeat Ohma. However, Ohma is so fast that he effortlessly dodges all of Komada's attacks. When Komada goads Ohma into attacking directly, he easily batters Komada and dislocates his shoulder when Komada attempts to retaliate, finishing Komada off with several kicks to the face. In awe, Yamashita asks Ohma's name, but when Ohma asks for Yamashita's name and offers to fight, Yamashita gives his name but declines.

Riled up by the encounter, Yamashita quickly heads to a brothel to release his pent up energy, something he has never done before. Watching the fight made him feel alive; when he is once again scolded by his boss at Nogi Publications for being below quota, irritated by his superiors, he wishes he could fight like Ohma in order to be treated with respect. They are interrupted by the arrival of the President, however, who asks after Yamashita specifically, and he is brought to the Chairman, Nogi Hideki.

There, Nogi queries Yamashita on conflict resolution, before launching into an explanation of Kengan Association's history of using violence to do so, eventually resulting in one-on-one matches. Yamashita, although initially disbelieving, is assigned by Nogi to be Ohma's "caretaker", or manager, who Nogi just recently hired to replace their former fighter, Komada. On the street, Yamashita sheepishly attempts to dissuade Ohma from fighting, considering its an illegality, but Yamashita just asks to get food instead.

At his home, Yamashita monologues about his situation in life. He’s 56 years old and has worked with Nogi Publications for 34 years, but his oldest son Yamashita Kenzo is 25 and never leaves his room. Yamashita hasn't seen his face in two or three years, and his other son is a high school dropout who returns only to steal money. His wife abandoned him ten years ago, and the house he owns still has 15 years left to pay.

Arriving a the dilapidated, abandoned mansion in the woods where Ohma lives, Yamashita is shocked to find him covered in blood. In actuality, it was from a boar that Ohma had killed, cooking it for food. While eating, two strangers enter the mansion, one being Iwan Karaev, a Russian who challenges Ohma to fight.

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