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Edward Wu (エドワード・ (ウー) , Edowādo Ū), also known as The King of Hades ( (めい) (おう) , Mei-ō), is the leader of the Westward Faction of the Wu Clan and an affiliate of the Worm. One of the main antagonists of Kengan Omega, Edward has a personal vendetta with the Kure Clan.


Edward is a large imposing man with a devilish face and slicked-back, light-coloured hair. He has black-sclera eyes with white pupils, like the rest of the Wu and Kure. Edward tends to wear loud short-sleeved shirts with smart pants and shoes an sunglasses that cover his distinctive eyes.


Edward is both outwardly confident and extremely dangerous. He takes his personal business with the Kure Clan very seriously, moreso than his affiliation with The Worm. He is also quite prideful of his Clan, deeming them to be quite different if not superior to the Worm.


According to the head of the mainline clan, Wu Xing, Edward is the leader of the Westward Faction of the Wu Clan, an offshoot group who traveled to the Occident, similarly to their Kure Clan relatives in Japan.

At an undisclosed point in time, Edward, and the rest of the Westward Faction, turned traitor from the Wu Clan, eventually becoming an affiliate member of the Worm.

At some point, Edward taught the basics of Guihun to The Other Tokita Niko, since the latter wanted his students to learn it. Lu Tian was the only one who proved capable of using the technique.


Kengan Ashura

In Hong Kong, Edward appeared with Xia Ji and a cloaked Fei Wangfang, discussing the failed retrieval and supposed loss of Tokita Ohma, noting that the latter was the last remaining heir to the Niko Style.[1]

Kengan Omega

Tracking Toyoda Idemitsu down, Edward requested that he be allowed to represent Purgatory in their contest against the Kengan Association. Toyoda agreed in exchange for why Edward wanted to join his side. Edward simply replied that the Kure have become an eyesore to be disposed of.

Later, called by Xia Ji to lend his student a hand in capturing Gaoh Ryuki, Edward arrived to find Ryuki had escaped and the student had been killed. Edward calls Ji and informs him that since Mumon's mess, all of Ji's students that were marking Ryuki were now dead. Ji casually reassures him that the situation was fine, telling him to have fun with Purgatory before hanging up. Despite his reservations, his accomplice reassures him they can trust Ji, before asking him about whether Ryuki was a fake or a true "Tiger's Vessel".

Even though he didn't personally join Purgatory's side in the tournament, Edward watched the fights inside Mt. Godslayer's hot spring pool. After the third round, Xia Ji visited him, expressing his anger for not securing Ohma. Edward simply responded that his fighter, Alan Wu, would take revenge for him. In the fifth round, Naidan Mönkhbat revealed himself as a direct subordinate of the Head of the Worm, to Edward's astonishment (and growing annoyance) at the Worm's secretiveness.

When Lu Tian was also revealed to be a Worm, Edward confronts Xia Ji with the Worm's secretive nature, and asked him if he was hiding anything from him. After Lu Tian revealed that he knows how to release his latent strength, it was then that Edward recognized that Lu Tian was the prodigy The Other Niko was so keen to teach it to.

During Alan's match against Kure Raian, Edward and Xia Ji went up to the gates to watch the fight personally. Upon Raian catching them in his sights, his glee proved to Edward that he was "too naive" for the outcoming. After Alan's death and acknowledging Raian's strength, Edward promptly hit Ji for his cowardice and seriousness on what was happening, telling him to relax.

Some time later, Edward and Xia Ji witnessed the arrival of The Other Niko Tokita on the scene, who recorded himself talking to Fei Wangfang. Despite not really understanding the reasons behind the Worm agents' actions, Edward understood the Head had precise plans and that the Worm gave up on Xia Ji, meaning that Edward didn't need to protect him anymore. Seconds later, Edward was found by Raian and so he decided to face him right there and then.

Aided by his "spares" Solomon Wu and Fabio Wu, the three of them managed to keep Raian at bay until the arrival of Kure Erioh and Wu Xing. With Fabio dead and Solomon fighting Raian, Edward faced the other two sword-wielding clan heads rather easily.

Power & Abilities

Edward is a very powerful individual with a known body count consisting of many members of the main Wu Clan. His combat prowess allows him to smack a fighter like Kure Raian several meters away without any effort and to also match assassins of Kure Erioh's and Wu Xing's even with them using swords and other weapons against him. Muteba Gizenga considers him equal, if not superior, in power to The Other Tokita Niko.

As a proof of his incredible power in combat, Xia Ji found it odd that Edward wasn't fighting in the Kengan Association VS Purgatory Tournament himself, suggesting that he believes that Edward's power is on par with, if not greater than, many of the participants of the tournament. In his few displays of physical power Edward proved able to lift a grown man like Xia Ji with no difficulty and to make him bleed with a little punch on the chin. In a testament to his overwhelming fighting abilities, it required the cooperation of five individually powerful Kure & Wu combatants using deceptive tactics to finally land a damaging blow against him.


As a member of the Wu Clan Edward is able to release his latent power and free his body from his brain limits, thus using the technique called Guihun, the other name of the Removal. His mastery over the technique is so deep that he can even teach its basics to The Other Niko, an outsider to his clan. Edward's Guihun release rate is 100%.


Being the head of Wu clan, Edward possesses Wu Hei's ego through this technique. Despite despising working under others, even himself, he is still able to work and fight in sync with his 'spares'.


  • Edward's favorite kind of meat is dry-aged grassfed Rubia Gallega beef.
  • It's implied that Edward killed Wu Xing's loved one, since Xing claimed to avenge them while facing Edward.


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