Edward Wu (エドワード・呉, Edowādo Ū; "Edward Wú"), is a mysterious individual who belongs to the equally mysterious organisation, "Worm". He has personal business with the Kure Clan.


Edward is a large imposing man with a thick dense musculature, a devilish strong-looking face, slicked-back light-coloured hair and intimidating black-sclera eyes (much like the Kure). Edward tends to wear loud short-sleeved shirts with smart pants and shoes and typically wears sunglasses over his eyes.


Edward appears to be an outwardly confident individual.


Kengan Ashura

In Hong Kong, he appeared very briefly with two other unknown men discussing the failed retrieval and loss of Tokita Ohma as well as noting that one of the men was now the last remaining heir to the Niko Style.

Kengan Omega

Having tracked Toyoda Idemitsu down, Edward requested that he be allowed to represent Purgatory in their contest against the Kengan Association. Toyoda agreed in exchange for information on why Edward wanted to join Purgatory and not the Kengan Association's side. Edward simply replied that the Kure have become an eyesore and needed to be disposed of.

Having been called by Xia Ji to lend his "student" a hand in capturing Gaoh Ryuki, Edward arrived to find Ryuki had escaped and the "student" had been killed. Noting how useless he had been, Edward called Xia and informed him that since "Yuzaki" had messed everything up, all of Xia's students that were marking Ryuki were now dead. Xia casually reassured him that the situation was fine and told him to have fun with Purgatory before hanging up. At that, his accomplice told him they could trust Xia before asking him his opinion on Ryuki on whether he was a doppelganger or a true "Tiger's Vessel".

Power & Abilities

Notes & Trivia

  • It is heavily inferred that Edward comes from a yet unmentioned Wu Clan (呉一族ウーイーズー, Wú-yīzú) and that the Kure Clan are merely an offshoot from the Wu Clan that migrated to Japan over 1000 years ago.[1]


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