The Genius Striker is the sixty-first chapter of the manga Kengan Omega.



Gaolang Wongsawat struggles against Carlos Medel's change of fighting style. Okubo Naoya recognises this style as Capoeira. The Kengan representatives divulge into the reasoning behind Carlos taking on a style that would be atypical for a Mexican boxer. Purgatory's side correctly assumes their bluster, noting it's normal for people to learn foreign martial arts (with Nicolas Le Banner stating his favorite Indian curry restaurant is run by a Pakistani unprompted). Nicolas then asks their "King" of Purgatory, Lolong Donaire, about Carlos' chances of victory, with Lolong stating that he's likely to win.

Though Gaolang believes that he has finally deciphered Carlos' Capoeira, a strike to his foot joint brings him to the reality that Carlos had also incorporated Digong-Quan into his style as well. Carlos' reasons for changing his style was due to his first outing in the Undeground fights, where he struggled against other, unfamiliar styles. While having a few drinks, he realised that he needed to lose his weight and find more techniques to use. After ordering a reference book on Capoeira and 20 hours of practice, Carlos' natural talent for striking allowed him to use Capoeira effectively in a short amount of time.

Rihito believes that Carlos is trying to take out Gaolang's joints to prevent both his mobility and his Muay Thai kicks. However, Carlos was actually planning to take out Gaolang's right fist, as much as it pains him to end a great boxer like that. To everyone's shock, the kick only caused Carlos to bleed from his foot. Gaolang refutes his intent, declaring that his right fist can no longer be shattered.

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