The Real Medel is the sixtieth chapter of the manga Kengan Omega.



As Gaolang takes a moment to recover from the sudden blow Carlos gave him, the representatives of Purgatory watch in amusement. Nicolas Le Banner takes a moment smack talk the matching bloody noses that both Yumigahama Hikaru and Gaolang now share, to the Hikaru's irritation. One of the newcomers of Purgatory's lineup, Alan Wu, remains sceptical at the prospects of Carlos' victory, stating that the weight difference is heavily in favor of Gaolang. Liu Dongcheng tells him to pipe down and pay attention to what will happen next.

While Carlos taunts Gaolang for his change of tactics, Gaolang had already realised the truth behind the strike. The jab only does damage psychologically, rather than act as a knockout blow. The lack of hostility behind the strike caused it to go under Gaolang's radar initially. Now that he's aware, he won't fall it again. Gaolang continues his assault on Carlos, with the latter effortlessly dodging his blows. The two soon find themselves in a contest of jabs, both ducking and weaving through each other's strikes as they hope to land a strike against the other. Kanoh Agito notes that Gaolang had recovered from the injury that he gave him from the tournament two years ago, wondering what exactly did he put himself through.

Carlos observes and predicts Gaolang's movements, only earning a graze to the cheek. He can't help but finally enjoy the match that he had been waiting for, wishing to fight Gaolang to the death as well. The Kengan representatives are all wondering how a bantamweight like Carlos is giving Gaolang such a hard. Agito, on the other hand, realises that Carlos' frame wasn't a heavyweight's normal frame, and shouldn't be able to handle the weight from his time as a boxer. His true terror was the fact that his weight handicapped him in the boxing ring, yet still won it all.

As Carlos inflicts a flurry of blows, musing that his current speed outmatched his heavyweight self, he is suddenly struck on the nose by Gaolang, who had finally gotten a read on the pattern of his movements. As Gaolang readies a finishing blow, Carlos somehow dodged it. Carlos then throws a kick, to everyone's shock, appearing to crack Gaolang's left forearm as well. He declares to Gaolang that he's earned the right to fight "The Real Carlos Medel", the fighter whose strikes can kill a god.

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