The Fighters Enter is the fifty-seventh chapter of the manga Kengan Omega.



The fighters are flying to the destination where the Kengan Association VS Purgatory Tournament is held. Kazuo is held in awe at the sheer luxury of the plane, with Ohma noting the only difference between the plane and a five-star lobby is that everything's bolted down. Gaolang joins the two, not even bothering to ask how Ohma survived. Gaolang asks Ohma about the lineup, who remarks that he's surprised that neither Cosmo or Sekibayashi Jun are among them. Kazuo explains that both Cosmo and Adam Dudley were both taken out of the running to make room for fighters from other factions within the Kengan Association. At the same time, Sekibayashi and Haruo had to decline because of Jose's injuries. While Kazuo remains optimistic about their prospects, Gaolang remains sceptical, explaining that it's the fighter's convictions, their reason for fighting, that can make the difference between winning and losing. Ohma, though understanding, still believes that the lineup they have will get them through the tournament.

Akoya Seishu joins Gaoh Ryuki, who bluntly states to leave him alone. Wakatsuki Takeshi interrupts Akoya's intentions, revealing to him that Murobuchi Gozo is on extended leave from the Kengan matches, due to complications from the injuries Akoya inflicted. Wakatsuki coldly refuses to acknowledge Akoya's presence as a fighter, with Akoya, in turn, promising to enact "justice" upon him as well. Masaki, reading a book, muses that they're both raring to go at each other. Julius pauses and stares at him, his expression unreadable.

Meanwhile, Okubo Naoya and Rihito meet the current Fang of Metsudo, Misasa of the Extermination Force, for the first time. Both are bewildered at Katahara Metsudo's current choice for an affiliated fighter. Kanoh Agito asks Retsudo why he was picked, replying that out of the Extermination Force, Misasa was the best at unarmed combat, as well as being his martial arts teacher. The group arrive at their destination, Mt. Godslayer, with Kazuo bewildered that the stadium is within the crater of the mountain. They are soon introduced by Purgatory's MC and referee, Shiina Alisa to a roaring crowd. The 13 representatives of both the Kengan Association and Purgatory make their way through, the competition begins.


  • This chapter confirmed that the fighter who was put into a coma by Akoya Seishu is Murobuchi Gozo.
  • The clown outfit Okubo is wearing is based on Kuidaore Taro, a mascot in Dōtonbori.

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