"It takes a boxer to beat a boxer. I'll fight Gaolang."
— Carlos, declaring to be Gaolang's opponent

Carlos Medel (カーロス・メデル, Kārosu Mederu), also known as El Dorado (黄金 (こがね) (てい) , Koganetei; lit. "The Golden Emperor"), originally the The Don Juan of Acapulco (アカプルコの伊達男 (だておとこ) , Akapuruko no Dateotoko; lit "The Dandy of Acapulco"), is an A-list Purgatory gladiator who fights in the Kengan Association VS Purgatory Tournament.[2]


Carlos is a lean and small man with a mustache and a short mullet. He wears wraps around his arms and feet and on his shorts the Calavera is visible.

Years ago he was much more muscular and bulkier than his current appearance.


Carlos is a calm and level-headed fighter who also has a slight self-regarding side.

He seems to place an emphasis on friendship as he backhand-slapped Yumigahama stating that it was for going too far against his friend.


14 years ago, Carlos Medel became the undisputed champion of the middle-weight class of boxing, despite being slightly shorter than average boxers of that class. After achieving that goal, he surrendered his belts and switched to super middleweight class. He eventually dominated every weight class up until the heavyweight class, building his body up from scratch every time. At some point, he became so strong that, also due to problems with his promoter, he decided to vanish from the public eye.

At some point, he entered the underground fighting scene in Brazil, where he struggled against martial arts he had never seen before. After acknowledging his weight was an obstacle for him, while he was in a bar he decided to learn Capoeira and after 20 hours of practice, he mastered it.

At some point he joined Purgatory fights.


As the first fight of the Kengan Association VS Purgatory Tournament was about to happen, Yumigahama Hikaru wanted to enter as the first fighter for Purgatory. Carlos stopped and gave Yumigahama a bloody nose for his brutal win against Jose Kanzaki, before going up himself.

Carlos entered the stage, his appearance sending ripples as a legendary boxer returns as a fighter for Purgatory. As soon as the match began, he effortlessly dodged Gaolang's Flash and gave Gaolang a bloody nose for his trouble. After a quick battle of jabs, he dodged Gaolang's attack by laying on the ground and then he kicked him showing him his "real" technique.

As he switched to Capoeira techniques in order to strike Gaolang's joints and right hand (which Kanoh Agito already shattered two years ago) he was shocked when Gaolang resisted his attack. As soon as Carlos switched back to boxing Gaolang was able to hit him and put him to the ground, however Carlos stood up to the referee's count of 2, ready to unleash all he had.

While overwhelmed by Gaolang's Muay Thai techniques, Carlos was able to guiding the Thai God of War to the edge of the ring. Upon being knocked down by Gaolang's God Glow, Carlos managed to grab Gaolang and drag him as he fell outside the ring, leaving both of them on the external ground. In the end Carlos was declared the winner since Gaolang's right hand made first contact with the ground. Though Carlos technically lost the fight he won the match and was taken outside the ring with a stretcher.

Power & Abilities

Years ago, Carlos boasted enough power to dominate every weight class from middleweight to heavyweight class. He was so strong that, at some point, no boxer could stand up to him and was the only boxer who's ever been ranked above Gaolang Wongsawat in the Pound-for-Pound Ratings. Both Tokita Ohma and Kanoh Agito even compared his status as well as his power to that of Kuroki Gensai. After getting rid of his excess muscles he can now move fast enough without his muscles slowing him down.

Upon entering the underground scene and after his first win, he decided to lose his weight and create a fighting style better suited to his frame, choosing Capoeira as well as Digong-Quan to supplement it. His overall power seems to be due to the fact that he is a genius striker, being able to learn Capoeira after only practising it in 20 hours.

As a bantamweight, Carlos has apparently become an incredibly fast fighter, with the experience to match. By striking at just stopping at the moment of impact, he's able to bloody the nose of his victim, though only for psychological effect, as it's not a knockout blow. This technique allowed him to strike Yumigahama, a former Fang of Metsudo, without him realising it. It also allowed him to do the same against Gaolang as a counter, combined with his apparent Foresight ability, which made it so he can dodge the incredibly fast Flash, which not even someone like Kaneda Suekichi could do. After comparing Gaolang's speed to be as "fast as light", he claimed to be "faster than light".

However, as soon as someone like Gaolang is able to discern the pattern of his movements while boxing, they can predict where he will land and strike there. Because he's also a bantamweight now, he can't take nearly as many hits than during his heavyweight days.

Notes & Trivia

  • He is most likely named after the famous Mexican Featherweight boxer José Medel.
  • "El Dorado" is a city or country of fabulous riches held by 16th-century explorers to exist in South America
    • "El Dorado" in Spanish means "The Golden One".
  • He is a good friend with fellow Purgatory gladiator Jose Kanzaki.
  • He's seen as a god in his homeland in Mexico.


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