• Demotivator

    So I'm making a ranked list on who I think are the physically strongest fighters in the Kengan Annihilation Tournament. To clarify, I'm basing this ranked list on physical strength alone; if that's not clear, I am not taking into account their fighting technique and skill (which plays an important role in determining how much force they can generate with their blows). This list is also more for me than anything, but I'm more than willing to discuss it with others if they so wish.

    1. Julius Reinhold
    2. Wakatsuki Takeshi / Kono Haruo
    3. Karo Yoshinari / Kiozan Takeru / Kure Raian (while using Removal)
    4. Bando Yohei / Sekibayashi Jun
    5. Meguro Masaki
    6. Muteba Gizenga / Murobuchi Gozo / Kuroki Gensai / Okubo Naoya / Kanoh Agito / Adam Dudley / Akoya Seishu
    7. Mokichi Robi…
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  • Malfurious

    Tournament list

    June 24, 2017 by Malfurious
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