Alan Wu (アラン・ウー, Aran Ū; "Alan Wu") is a member of the Wu Clan and an A-list Gladiator of Purgatory that fights in the Kengan Association VS Purgatory Tournament.


Alan appears as a muscular man with black hair, which he rolls up with a headband, swept on the right in a long wavy tuft. He has black-sclera eyes (like every member of the Wu Clan).

He wears a sleeveless Chinese outfit, with a yin-yang symbol on the lower part, black pants and wraps around his arms and feet.


Alan appears as an arrogant individual who seems to underestimate his comrades' power.


During the first round of the competition, while discussing the fight with the other gladiators, he was shown to be quite sceptic about Carlos's victory over Gaolang, though he was corrected by Liu Dongcheng.

Powers and Abilities

While his abilities are yet to be shown he can be assumed to be a very strong combatant since he earned a seat among the gladiators chosen to oppose the Kengan Association fighters.

Notes and Trivia

  • Alan Wu appears to be connected to Edward Wu. Though it's currently unknown to what extent he is affiliated with him, and by extension the Worm.
  • Since Liu Dongcheng calls Alan "freshie" quite often, it can be inferred that Alan is new to Purgatory matches.



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