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"I'm going to play with you, kiddo, until you drown in a puddle of your own blood!"
— Alan to Kure Raian

Alan Wu (アラン・ (ウー) , Aran Ū), also known as The King of Slaughter ( (さつ) (りく) (おう) , Satsuriku-ō)[1] was an assassin from the Westward Faction of the Wu Clan. He was one of the thirteen representative fighters for Purgatory who fought in the Kengan Association VS Purgatory Tournament and an infiltrator of the Worm.


Alan was a tall, muscular man with long, black hair, swept on the right in a long wavy tuft and kept in a headband and black-sclera eyes. Despite his height, he usually appeared shorter at times due to his habit of slouching.

Alan's outfit consisted of a sleeveless Chinese outfit, with a yin-yang symbol on the lower part, black pants, and wraps around his arms and feet.


Alan was arrogant and aggressive. He was dismissive of others' prowess, especially the gladiators of Purgatory, sneering at them for not being "real combatants" in his eyes. Much like Kure Raian, Alan was sadistic and ruthless, reveling in brutality and death.

Due to the influence of Huisheng, Alan was, in essence, the vessel for the memories and personality of Wu Hei, the ancestor of the Wu and Kure from 5000 years ago. The line where Alan Wu ended and Wu Hei began was somewhat blurred. Wu Hei's influence even spread to how he treated his own "descendants."

Alan treated Raian as both a plaything to break and one of his children. The full extent of this influence was unknown, but considering how Huisheng works, the "identity" of Wu Hei was the dominant of the two "souls" that dwelled within Alan's body.

Edward trusted Alan due to being one of the 'spares' of Wu Hei.


Alan, like his ancestors before him, had been effectively brainwashed into believing he was Wu Hei. In an undisclosed time, Alan and the Westward Wu turned traitor.

Sometime before the Kengan Association VS Purgatory Tournament, Edward chose Alan to be one of Purgatory's gladiators, as one of the Worm infiltrators in the Tournament.


During the first round of the Tournament, Alan was quite skeptical about Carlos Medel's skill over Kaolan Wongsawat. However, he was corrected by Liu Dongcheng by the very nature of Purgatory's rules.

In the sixth match of the Tournament, Lu Tian revealed his Worm tattoo and mentioned The Other Tokita Niko. Alan, hearing this, wondered if Lu Tian was the Tiger's Vessel the Worm had infiltrated in Purgatory. After Lu Tian's loss, Alan tagged along with the other gladiators to meet with the Kengan fighters in the middle of the ring, grinning menacingly at Raian as the rest of Purgatory found out the truth of their infiltration from the Worm. While everyone else left to let the Tournament continue, with Rolón Donaire set to see it through, both Alan and Raian remained in the arena raring to kill each other.[1]

Before their match, Wu Hei, through Alan, spoke to his "descendant" and essentially reprimanded him for not recognizing his ancestor in front of him, much to Raian's confusion. Alan immediately released his latent strength through Guihun and attacked before the referee could start the match properly. Alan pushed Raian around, albeit to no visible effect on Raian's behalf, and demanded him "remove" his limits and retaliate.

Upon Raian seeing Edward and Xia Ji at one of the entrances to the arena, his focus shifted to them, warning Alan that if he got in his way, he would kill him. Alan dismissed the warning, only for Raian to stop playing around, and proceeded to rip Alan in half from the mouth to his torso, killing him in gruesome fashion. Despite hiding a knife, Alan was then declared the match's winner due to Raian deliberately murdering him.

Powers and Abilities

Despite never showing the full extent of his strength, Alan was a powerful Wu Clan member and a mighty fighter in general. Combined with his Guihun, Alan was strong enough to be capable of smacking a fighter of Kure Raian's level around and put him on the defensive at the start of their fight. He was also said to be powerful enough to kill multiple members of the mainline of the clan.

Even though he was powerful enough on his own, he's not above carrying a knife on him if he deemed that it was necessary to wield it. His strength and precautions proved to be a fruitless effort once Raian stopped playing around, eventually getting ripped in half. Solomon Wu, one of the spares, claims Alan to be a disgrace, a thought that he reserves for other deceased Wu Clan members. This claim was later justified when Solomon managed to go toe-to-toe with Raian and be relatively unharmed in his brief skirmish with the powerful Kure Clan member, unlike Alan.


As a member of the Westward Faction of the Wu Clan, Alan's full strength caused a considerably different reaction to his body. His muscles would become so big that they tore up the upper half of his outfit. His exact release rate was 100%, as he could push around Raian with ease in this form.


While not necessarily a technique consciously used by him, it's through the Westward Faction maintaining this technique over countless lifetimes in 5000 years that Alan essentially "became" Wu Hei.


  • Before Daromeon's stream on April 22, 2020, Alan was mistaken as Hayakuwa Samato, a similar character who made his appearance in Fist of the Seeker. At 4:19:20, Daromeon clarified the misconception and said that Alan was a different character. Alan's name would later be given in Chapter 60 of Kengan Omega, just two weeks after the stream.[3]
  • In Chapter 95's drafts of Alan, the color scheme for his Guihun is a very vibrant shade of red-violet, while his veins appear like they're glowing white.[4]
  • While Alan was presumably powerful enough to fight with other A-list gladiators by being chosen as one of the thirteen representatives, it's unknown whether Alan was also an official gladiator of Purgatory or was simply Edward Wu's representative.


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