Aku Fujio (Japanese: 阿久 富士夫 (あく ふじお) , Aku Fujio; "Fujio Aku"), who goes by the codename Agnostic Front (Japanese: アグノスティック・フロント, Agunosutikku Furonto), is an underground professional mercenary who does all kinds of dirty deeds in strict secrecy.[1]


Fujio is a well-defined man with sharp cheekbones, focused eyes and facial hair on his chin. He typically wears an encompassing black beanie on his head, a black vest, dark cargo pants held up by a utility belt, combat boots and pyramidal knuckledusters on his fists.


Described as an "evil madman" and a "callous violence machine", Fujio is a man whose principles lie in that he will do almost anything as long as he is paid for it.[1]


Prior to joining Hayami Katsumasa on board the S.S. Kengan, Fujio met with the other 5 people that Hayami had hired and was thoroughly weirded out by the eclectic group of men.[2]


After being deployed by Hayami Katsumasa, Fujio went to take out his target Imai Cosmo. However, despite having done his research on the young fighter's fighting style and techniques, Fujio was unsuccessful in his attempt to steal Cosmo's position, getting knocked unconscious in the process.

Power & Abilities

Fujio is a dangerous individual who hits quite hard (helped by the fact he wears knuckledusters) and is also not above using weaponry and other items in order to take down the targets that he thoroughly researches up on.[1] However, despite knowing about Imai Cosmo's speciality, he still fell prey to the young fighters superior skill.

Notes & Trivia

  • Aku Fujio's epithet "Agnostic Front" is a reference to the New York's Hardcore Punk music band Agnostic Front. Fujio himself bears a physical resemblance with the band's vocalist, Roger Miret.[3]


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