Akiyama Sakura (秋山 桜, Akiyama Sakura; "Sakura Akiyama") is the secretary for Magatani Juzo of Magatanien, and Akiyama Kaede's older sister. She is an incredibly talented secretary,[2] being greatly trusted by her boss Magatani Juzo, and she has a keen eye for fighters.[1]


Sakura is an attractive young lady with a blonde bob of hair, thin eyebrows and beautiful yet droopy eyes. While she generally has a disembodied expression on her face, Sakura tends to pout when she is being mocked. She almost always wears smart clothing and dresses.


Despite holding such an authoritative position, Sakura is a surprisingly absent-minded person who often gets lost in her own world; in that sense she is the complete opposite of her sister Kaede. She has been described as a person who marches to the beat of her own drum; because of this trait, Sakura unconsciously manipulates the people around her, including her sister Kaede and even Kiozan Takeru.[1]


She first appeared alongside Magatani Juzo and Kiozan Takeru while the latter was getting ready to go out and fight Sekibayashi Jun. When Kiozan asked her whether his opponent was actually strong, Sakura affirmed Sekibayashi's great strength. She then watched his fight against Sekibayashi with Magatani. After Kiozan's defeat, Sakura caught on to Magatani's true reason for entering Kiozan: to knock him off his high horse in order to remove his arrogance.

Later, after being separated from Magatani, Sakura bumped into Wakatsuki Takeshi who escorted her around until they ran into her sister Kaede. They then watched the Hatsumi Sen-Chiba Takayuki fight and the remaining round 1 fights together. After the final match of round 1, Sakura was present when Kanoh Agito conversed with Wakatsuki and also when Tokita Ohma challenged Agito and was suppressed.

She experienced the rest of the Kengan Annihilation Tournament while doing her own thing.

Notes & Trivia

  • Sakura is noted to be incredibly directionally challenged, getting lost easily.[3] On an extreme occasion, she ended up going to Siberia when she was told to go to Shibuya Station.[4]
  • Her hobby is the art of sleeping and her favourite food is apparently anything she's given.[1]
  • Sakura, Wakatsuki and Sekibayashi often hang out together.[5]
  • She apparently has an annual tradition during the first snow fall of winter where she makes a snow statue of Magatani Juzo.[6]



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