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"In my country, ketchup only goes with french fries, by law. Only faggots and bitches like swallowing sticky white shit."
— Adam to Ronald Haraguchi[5]

Adam Dudley (アダム・ダッドリー, Adamu Daddorī), also known as The Emperor ( (こう) (てい) , Kōtei), is an American street fighter who represented Boss Burger during the Kengan Annihilation Tournament. After the tournament, he stayed in Japan, becoming an affiliated fighter within the Kengan matches.


Adam is a tall, muscular man with blond hair, blue eyes and a bodybuilder-like physique. He's possesses a thin waist, wide shoulders, and wide back forming a text-book v-taper. His arms are adorned with various tattoos, most notably the skulls located on both of his shoulders and the crosses down his forearms. His most notable feature is a grill on his four front teeth that have the word "FUCK" engraved in them (censored to "DAMN" in the anime adaptation).

During his match in the Annihilation Tournament, he opts to only wear shorts. Outside of them, he often wears trousers with a black tank top and sleeveless jacket, resulting in his tattoos being visible at all times. He is often seen with a prideful expression, turning up his nose at all times towards opponents.

Two years after the Kengan Annihilation Tournament, Adam hasn't changed much in appearance with the addition of small earrings in both ears and several lines cut into his hair.


Adam is very vulgar in the way he speaks, throwing profanity into nearly every sentence that leaves his mouth. He also tends to make various sexual innuendos while talking, an example being that while he was fighting Imai he said "Enough foreplay".

He has no hesitation in doing or saying just about anything that pops into his head, not limited to displaying his middle finger or mocking their appearance. After being defeated by Cosmo, Adam mellowed and became more respectful (while still retaining his boisterous manner of speech). Despite his love of a brawl, he shows disgust at unnecessary violence.


Hailing from Texas, Adam made himself famous as a street fighter, by defeating the man formerly known as the strongest street fighter in the USA, Punk Abbot.[2]

Before this, Adam played professional hockey for the "Texas Snowmans", as the team's enforcer. This entailed him starting fights with players on the opposing team whom commit fouls the referee misses, both as a sign of retaliation and to ensure that they are sent to the penalty box. However, due to Adam's unique musculature, most notable in the developed nature of his erector spinae he was capable of knocking out members of the opposing team on the ice despite how little grip the surface gave him.[6]


Kengan Ashura

Adam was introduced when his employer, Ronald Haraguchi of Boss Burger, asked him how the burgers in Japan compared to that of the USA with Adam giving an expectedly vulgar reply saying "In my country, ketchup only goes with french fries, by law. Only faggots and bitches like swallowing sticky white shit."

Later, in the first round of the Kengan Annihilation Tournament, after seeing how young his opponent was, Adam mentioned he would destroy Imai Cosmo before being warned not to underestimate him by Ronald. Representing Boss Burger, Adam fought against Cosmo and, despite proving to be an incredibly tenacious opponent, he was eventually defeated.

After being defeated, Adam started hanging around with Cosmo and Nishihonji Akira as he watched the following rounds in the tournament. During Hayami's attempted coup, Adam helped to defend against the Guardians alongside Gaolang, Cosmo and Kaneda. Dealt a serious injury by Long Min, Adam could only watch as Cosmo took him on.

After Cosmo's defeat to Tokita Ohma in the quarter-finals, Adam wheeled Cosmo around in a wheelchair as they watched the rest of the tournament.

After the Kengan Annihilation Tournament, Adam chose to stay in Japan so he could re-learn martial arts and make a comeback in the Kengan matches. He was training with Cosmo's master, Kureishi Mitsuyo, but was having trouble breaking free of the brawler mindset.

Kengan Omega

Bumping into Narushima Koga on the street, after sending off a mugger, Adam asked Koga if he could skate before taking the latter to an ice rink. Watching Koga quickly pick up ice skating, Adam then forcefully taught Koga about maintaining stability on the ice. With Koga having picked up the lesson more quickly than Adam had expected, he finished his part before trying to avoid being seen with the flamboyantly-behaved Kureishi Mitsuyo (and Imai Cosmo).

Later, at Kureishi's Dojo, Adam was seen sparring with Kureishi, showcasing his unique physical abilities in front of a surprised Koga. Afterwards, Adam, Cosmo and Kureishi watched as Koga shadow-boxed utilising his newly-realised looseness.

After Koga's first day of training with Kureishi, the three fighters went to watch Gaoh Ryuki's Kengan match. There, Adam and Cosmo were left overwhelmed by how easily Ryuki seemed to take down Yurikawa Taiju, a New Generation fighter. Next, they were alerted to the horrifying presence of new fighter Yuzaki Mumon who was taking on Nitoku in the second Kengan match of the night. He then watched Nitoku storm to victory before witnessing Toyoda Idemitsu make an overt entrance, noting that the Purgatory representative's interactions with Yamashita Kazuo were fishy.
Over the next few weeks, Adam was seen training alongside Cosmo (and Koga) at Kureishi's gym.

On the day of Koga's fighter elimination exam, Adam helped Koga warm up and then watched him take on and eventually defeat Murasame Shuya. After Koga's victory, Cosmo was informed that they'd still have time to catch Ryuki's match. Koga seemed reluctant until Adam and Cosmo revealed that Ryuki's opponent was bad news. Adam then drove them all to the venue of Ryuki's match against Akoya Seishu, where they watched Akoya brutally fight and hand Ryuki his first Kengan match loss.

Along with Mokichi Robinson, Cosmo, Kure Karla and Elena Robinson he watched Gaoh Ryuki's match against Naidan Mönkhbat in the Kengan Association vs Purgatory Tournament.

Powers & Abilities

Put simply, Adam can be described as a juggernaut in terms of physical prowess with a god-given body making him a fighter with raw power despite having little-to-no tutelage in martial arts prior to the Kengan Annihilation Tournament (though he does have street-fighting experience), going so far as to be unaware (or possibly simply uncaring) of the importance of torque in creating a punch. Despite this, he has enough power to hit a man with so much force it looked as if he had been struck by a moving truck (as seen against Punk Abbot),[2] and enough physical endurance and durability to be beaten down and get back up without fail.

His main ability is his phenomenal sense of balance, with enough strength in his legs and feet from playing ice hockey that he can actually grip the ground with his feet, crumbling it, and rise up without any other support.[6] It was noted that he has particularly well-endowed back muscles; his erector spinae muscles are remarkably strong, which increases the efficacy of his punches to the point that he can easily knock people unconscious with so little as a jab, creating punches on the fly even whilst mounted.[6] With a single punch he sent Imai Cosmo careening through the air after bouncing off of solid ground, with the accumulated damage from the fight having been felt by Cosmo for some time after their bout.[6] He has no particular strategy when he fights (as expected of a street brawler), and instead focuses on destroying his opponent with overwhelming power and is not above utilising "dirty" moves such as eye-gouges and the ilk.

Two years after the Kengan Annihilation Tournament, Adam, with the help of Imai Cosmo and Kureishi Mitsuyo, has begun learning martial arts. Adam has now harnessed his strong back muscles, allowing him to throw punches and kicks (and potentially other forms of attacking) from unorthodox and unstable positions, an ability nearly completely unique to him.[7] Cosmo noted that he had become a lot stronger since the tournament.[7]

High-Stick Shot

High-Stick Shot (ハイスティックショット, Haisutikkushotto) is Adam's variation of an overhand.[8] Despite the attack never landing successfully, it can be assumed to be able to inflict tremendous physical damage.

Notes & Trivia

  • In the author's notes about Adam, Sandrovich says that Adam is a "personification of the image of southern white people based on biases and misunderstandings",[1] which is easily seen in his behaviour.
  • Adam's hobby is collecting firearms.[1]
  • Adam makes a cameo appearance in Sandrovich Yabako's other series Danberu Nan-Kiro Moteru?.[9]
  • His favourite American cuisine is beef.[10]
  • In the anime his theme is Make Me Crazy by UNDEAD CORPORATION.


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